Gettysburg, SD

First place archers…

archer first placephoto 2The National Archery in the Schools Program State Tournament was held Saturday in Yankton.  Gettysburg had 47 kids in grades four through eight compete in the event.  There were 14 middle schools who competed and seven elementary schools.  Gettysburg elementary kids in grades four and five brought home the first place trophy.  This was a great accomplishment because none of them had ever shot at the State Tournament before. Christy and Brad Saltsman are the archery coaches. Pictured are (back row, l to r) Zach Ablott (Daniall and Mike), Kayden Ahlemeier (Jamie Ahlemeier/Kevin Ahlemeier), Seth Sharp (Missy Brown), Rylee Zweber (Jenny and Josh), Osprey Vetter (Jessica Harer/Jason Vetter), Dylan Drew (Sheri Drew/Deryk Drew). Middle row: Abbie Larson (Jessica and Doug), Makaivry Schatz (Sheila and Mark), Johnathan Wheeler (Janelle and Ed), Caden Brown (Ardelle and Jay Berglund), Logan Decker (Kari and Rick), Rachel Goebel (Angela Goebel/Bob Goebel). Front row: Kinsey Schuchhardt (Aimee Wager), Colt Wieseler (Deb Cronin/Ben Wieseler), Dakota Goebel (Theresa and Kenny Goebel), Kirstie Lake (Bridget and John), Shelby Figgins (Michelle and Kurt Storkson), Jaydon Goebel (Sarah and Justin), Caleb Long (Katie Zweber/JD Long).

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