Forest City Bridge 60th Birthday Bash

A celebration is underway in honor of the 60th birthday of the Forest City Bridge west of Gettysburg.

The Bridge Bash events are taking place at Brown’s Lodge at Whitlock Bay throughout the week and culminating with a birthday party and a fireworks show on Saturday, June 23.

Another big event planned for that Saturday is a bridge fly-over by a Blackhawk UH-47 helicopter, followed by a stop for a visit at Brown’s Lodge  on June 23 from 3-6 p.m. Two pilots, two crew chiefs, and Gettysburg native Greg Iversen will be on hand to show visitors the helo, where kids and adults are welcome to climb the big bird to see and learn about it, inside and out.

A history of the bridge is on display at the lodge, with scrapbooks provided by Jon Smith showing the building project from 60 years ago. A DVD featuring the bridge will be playing every night during the two week celebration.

Fun activities are happening to celebrate, with a Flag Day picnic featuring a hike to the bridge, a pontoon cruise and dinner, a wine tasting and dinner, a Summer Solstice Party and bus tour over the bridge, and the big finale Bridge Bash on Saturday, June 23.

The SD National Guard is also holding maneuvers at East Whitlock this weekend, and the camp is open to the public.

See page 2 of the News for more details of the events.

-Molly McRoberts

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