Gettysburg Board of Education held regular meeting Oct. 14

October 14, 2019

The Gettysburg Board of Education held their regular meeting on the above date in the conference room. Present were the following: Brian Robbennolt, Mark Schatz, Paul Kellogg, Andy Mikkelsen, Chad Rausch and Daryn Zeigler. Absent: Kenny Goebel Also present: Chip Sundberg, Wendy Smith, Barb Everson, Sally Simon and Christy Saltsman.

Board President Brian Robbennolt called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Open Forum: None

Motion by Schatz, second by Mikkelsen to approve the agenda. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Kellogg, second by Zeigler to approve the following consent agenda: approve the minutes of the September 10, 2019 regular board meeting; approve the financial reports; and approve the October 11, 2019 claims and recognize there are no new conflict of interest disclosures. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Schatz acknowledges conflict of interest with claims to Schatz Electric and his aye vote does not include that claim.

October 2019 Claims


ABERDEEN AWARDS $67.20 CC/VB awards/stickers; AMERICAN NEWS 524.00 Elem Lib & HS Lib subscr; AMERICAN SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS 813.52 Desk glides; AMERIPRIDE SERVICES, INC. 219.46 Aug svcs; B&R TRUCK REPAIR, LLC 105.60 Filters for bus #1; BJ’S INSTRUMENT REPAIR 30.00 Repair trombone; BRAINPOP 2,050.00 Online subscription; 

BROOKLYN PUBLISHERS LLC 22.50 Oral Interp material; BSN SPORTS/SPORT SUPPLY GROUP, 268.50 VB supplies; CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION 819.51 Cust supplies; CHASE CARDMEMBER SERVICES 355.58 Elem/HS/Fiscal/AD/AG/Cust/Tech supplies; CITY OF GETTYSBURG 623.73 Water; CORE EDUCATIONAL COOPERATIVE 520.00 Online course fees; 

DAKOTA FARM & RANCH SUPPLY 477.47 Bus/Cust Tech/supplies/freight chgs; DEAN FOODS NORTH CENTRAL INC 141.50 Milk for elem snack; DEAN’S REPAIR 345.07 Svc/rpr pickup, suburban, van; DECKER REPAIR & WELDING, LLC 276.73 Metal/welding class; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. 554.99 Printer/copier supplies/copies; 

EVERSON, BARBARA 93.12 Travel/Business mgr mtgs; EWELL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES 325.00 AET subscr.; FOREMAN SALES & SERVICE 267.20 Bus inspection; GHS LUNCH PROGRAM 852.62 Aug/Sept seconds pd by Board; G & R CONTROLS 108.00 Rpr concessions unit;

G’BURG SCHOOL – IMPREST 1,888.00, Redfield School 35.00 CC Entry Fee, Bo Beck 174.00 VB Official/mileage, Gary Weismantel 130.32 VB Official/mileage, Vern Bogue 125.00 FB Official, CJ Huber 125.00 FB Official, Cole Kukowski 125.00 FB Official, Daren Lorenz 209.00 FB Official/mileage, Jordan Moench 125.00 FB Official, DCI 86.50 Background check on B. Schaefer/C. Rausch, 

Ipswich School 45.00 CC Entry Fee, Stephanie Kjetland 90.00 VB Official, Ashley Winter 183.24 VB Official/mileage, Central Area Business Officials 60.00 Dues—Business Manager, Kirsten Cronin 15.94 Reimb classroom supplies, SDSCA 60.00 Counselor workshop fee, Eureka School 35.00 CC Entry Fee, Dan Nikolas 174.00 VB Official/mileage, Cal Nygaard 90.00 VB Official;

G’BURG SCHOOL – T & A FUND 7,240.00 Perkins Consortium Funds; GAS’N GOODIES 2,119.11 School vehicle fuel; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES 345.00 Monthly networking fee; HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT INC 240.00 Sept. svcs; HOVEN CO-OP SERVICE COMPANY 171.68 Svc bus #1; INFOBASE LEARNING 504.60 Learn360 software subscr.; 

J.W. PEPPER & SON INC 121.00 Vocal music; LAMINATOR.COM 138.24 Lib/laminating film; LANGER’S FAMILY FOODS 315.64 Open House/HS science/AG/FACS groceries; LEC INC – LOGAN ELECTRIC 739.79 Remove down spouts/concrete for bell; LEMKE, MERCEDES 49.95 Reim fuel/concrete mix; MID-AMERICAN RESEARCH CHEM COR 2,677.43 Cust supplies/cleaner; 

MIDWAY PARTS INC 47.33 Bus wipers & tape; MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES 5,237.09 Electricity/Natural gas; PEARSON EDUCATION 4,347.76 Elem Reading/Math workbooks/tests & online subscr; POTTER COUNTY NEWS 200.06 Fiscal printing/advertising; RAMKOTA HOTEL 204.00 Fiscal lodging; ROSE, ASHLEY 187.50 Nursing svcs; 

SAFEGUARD BUSINESS SYSTEMS 279.73 Fiscal/T&A checks; SCHATZ ELECTRIC INC 52.62 Cust/bulbs; SCHLACHTER LUMBER 216.72 Cust materials/Bus barn elec-Aug & Sept; SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC 1,531.45 Science/Elem/Office supplies; TRAINING ROOM INC 303.41 AD/FB/WR supplies; TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 110.67 FB/Ag/Cust supplies; 

VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS INC 382.63 Communications; VOWAC PUBLISHING COMPANY 24.00 Elem supplies; WAGER, SHANE 2,083.34 Tech svcs; WHEELHOUSE PLUMBING, INC. 649.14 XC/porta potty rent/rpr water heater/sink; WHITE RIVER SCHOOL DISTRICT 100.00 2019-20 Dues Supt; ZUBER REFRIGERATION & HEATING 360.63 Cust/fix leak in kitchen cooler.


AMERICAN SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS 4,572.89 HS/Elem/Lib tables/chairs; BUDGET BLINDS 9,325.81 Shades for new windows; CHASE CARDMEMBER SERVICES 239.78 Ag txtbks; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. 474.69 Printer/copier leases; LEC INC – LOGAN ELECTRIC 36,889.69 Rpr drainage issue/bandroom,concession; MIRACLE RECREATION EQUIPMENT CO 4,410.25 Playground slide/replacement.


AVERA GETTYSBURG HOSPITAL 490.00 PT/OT svcs; CHASE CARDMEMBER SERVICES 32.94 SPED supplies; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. 67.63 Printer leases/copies; MOBYMAX, LLC 249.00 License renewal; NCS PEARSON, INC. 165.00 KTEA subscr; TAESE/USU 100.00 SPED law conf. regis; VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS INC 3.11 Communications.


CWD 24.00 Lunch/forks; HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT INC 120.00 Sept. svcs; THRIVE NUTRITION SERVICES 18,805.98 Aug/Sept purchased services; VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS INC 3.23 Communications; DRIVERS ED/AFTER SCHOOL/ICU; LANGER’S FAMILY FOODS 68.06 ASP snacks.

Solutions to the water issue in the band room and concession room were discussed. The building committee will meet with Kevin Logan and discuss options and costs.

Motion by Kellogg, second by Schatz to approve the Sports Coop Handbook, with the exception of Transportation for Events and Activities. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Schatz, second by Zeigler to adjourn to Executive Session for Personnel, SDCL 1-25-3-1 at 7:47 PM. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Board President Robbennolt declared the Board out of Executive Session at 8:03 PM.

Motion by Schatz, second by Rausch to hire Josh Cordell as a full-time Custodian at $13.00 per hour. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Zeigler, second by Mikkelsen to adjourn to Executive Session for Legal, SDCL 1-25-2-3 at 8:03 PM. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Board President Robbennolt declared the Board out of Executive Session at 8:10 PM.

Motion by Mikkelsen, second by Kellogg to adjourn to Executive Session for Emergency Plan, SDCL 1-25-2-6 at 8:11 PM. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Board President Robbennolt declared the Board out of Executive Session at 8:23 PM.

Business Manager Everson reported that the Audit was earlier this month and went very well. There was a software issue with an employee’s SDRS that she has fixed and is working with SDRS to correct the employee’s account.

Mrs. Wendy Smith reported that the Middle School Math Counts team of Olivia Mikkelsen, Tanner Eide, Neva Mikkelsen and Leo Aesoph won the competition at Groton. Thank you to the High Plains Arts Council for the concert at the school. MS/HS Parent-teacher conference numbers were down this year.

Mr. Sundberg reported that the first 2 snow make-up days will be January 20 and Feb. 17, 2020. He is attending the SDUSA Board meeting. There is an ASBSD Region meeting in Mobridge next week. The Delegate Assembly is on November 15th in Pierre and Daryn Zeigler is our delegate. The school report card was presented and discussed.

The next meeting is November 11, 2019 at 7:30 PM.

Motion by Rausch, second by Schatz to adjourn the meeting at 8:51 PM. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Brian Robbennolt, Board President

Barbara Everson, Business Manager 

Published once at the total approximate cost of $133.37