Gettysburg City Council held regular meeting July 2

Unapproved Minutes

Gettysburg, South Dakota

July 2, 2018

Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in regular session on July 2, 2018 at 7:00 PM. Those present were Mayor Bill Wuttke, Ron Larson, Pat Everson, Fran VanBockel, Dawn Nagel, Kelly Archer and Adam Roseland. Also present were Dave Mogard, Chief of Police, Russell Anderson, Maintenance Supervisor, Daniall Ablott, Finance Officer, Kara Williams, Economic Development, Todd Goldsmith, KLJ Engineers and Lynnette Eckert, Central Plains Water Development District.

Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded motion carried to approve the minutes from June 4, 2018 with clarification from Roseland that the minutes reflect the council does not allow lifeguards using the pool after hours.


Payroll Expense by Department:

Airport, $267.48; Ambulance, 2,821.88; Finance Office, 3,467.07; Parks, 1,867.22; Police, 3,776.66; Rubble Site, 2,070.90; Sewer, 3,850.72; Streets, 3,697.70; Swimming Pool, 10,506.44; Water, 3,930.50

Total Payroll Expense 

by Department $36,256.57

Net Payroll $27,745.90

Ablott, Daniall, Finance Conference, $248.04; AFLAC, Supplemental Insurance, 533.36; Agtegra, Street Supplies, 2,288.52; All-American Publishing, Police Supplies, (299.00); Anderson, Russell, Airport Fees, 525.00; Avera Occupational Medicine, Employee Drug Testing, 71.00; Balco Uniform, Police Supplies, 306.36; Bank of the West, Payroll Taxes and Sales Tax, 7,500.00; 

Brown Agronomy, Park Supplies, 645.90; Capital Sports, Park Supplies, 344.99; Child Support Service, Payroll Deduction, 568.00; Conradie, Susanne, Finance Conference, 33.00; Dakota Farm & Ranch Supplies, Street, Water, Park, Police, Pool, Finance Supplies, 760.75; Dean’s Repair, Police Repair, 179.99; DENR, Water Fee, 600.00; 

Economic Development, 2nd Quarter Stipend, 5,000.00; Emergency Medical Products, Ambulance Supplies, 846.10; Gas N Goodies, Police Carwashes, 40.00; Gettysburg Economic Development, BBB Taxes, 2,908.23; Hawkins, Inc, Pool Supplies, 1,877.12; Heartland Waste, Garbage Fee, 6,043.69; Holiday Inn – Sioux Falls, Finance Conference, 450.00;  

John Deere Financial, Park Repair, 321.87; Kiefer Swim Products, Swimming Pool Supplies, 79.44; KLJ Engineering, Airport Fees, 15,470.00; Logan Electric, Street Light Repair, 848.33; Marco, Finance Supplies, 90.54; Menard’s, Pool Supplies, 105.98; Michael Todd & Company, Street Repair, 243.00; Mid Dakota Rural Water, City and Airport Water, 14,763.44; 

Midway Parts, Pool, Street, and Park Repair, 316.80; Mike’s Repair, Street Repair, 740.00; Modern Marketing, Police Supplies, 355.19; Mogard, Dave, Police Supplies, 34.97; Montana Dakota Utilities, Gas, Electric and Lighting, 4,770.73; New Creations, Police, Ambulance, & Finance Supplies, 833.45; Oahe Area Youth Center, Stipend, 5,500.00; 

Potter County News, Finance, Police, Pool, & Street Publications, 366.59; Praxair, Ambulance Supplies, 89.38; Principal Financial Group, Life Insurance, 58.22; R & K Mechanical, Pool Repair, 63.00; Sam’s Club, Pool Supplies, 262.62; Schatz Electric, Park Repair, 787.70; Schlachter Lumber, Park Supplies, 93.42; SD Municipal League, Council Conference, 100.00; 

Servall, Finance, Airport, Ambulance, and Police Supplies, 109.44; Shane Wager, Police Repair, 300.00; South Dakota One Call, Water Locate Fees, 19.95; South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement, 3,064.94; Stryker, Ambulance Supplies, 5,153.01; True Value Hardware, Park Supplies, 559.51; US Postal Service, Water Supplies, 425.56; 

Venture Communications, Phones, Faxes, and Internet Services, 889.93; Verizon, Street and Police Phones, 367.88; Vilas Superstore, Water, Ambulance, Pool, & Park Supplies, 84.92; Wellmark BCBS, Health Insurance, 10,274.13; Wex Bank, Ambulance Fuel, 392.96; Zhecheva, Virzhiniya, Water Deposit Refund, 7.15.

TOTAL CHECKS $127,161.00

Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, motion carried to approve the vouchers payable after discussion on AFLAC, Life Insurance and the Bulk Mailing Permit.

Todd Goldsmith, KLJ Engineers addressed the council regarding bids for the airport fuel project. Four bids were presented to the council; Sharpe Enterprises – $396,210.50, Morris, Inc. – $425,318.70, Anderson Contractors, Inc – $449,461.00, and Vanderpol Dragline, Inc – $459,023.80. Moved by Archer, Roseland seconded, motion carried to award the bid to Sharpe Enterprises pending receipt of the FAA Grant.

Lynette Eckert, Central Plains Water Development District, presented a grant for $37,000 to the City of Gettysburg for the drainage/flooding water project. Eckert also thanked Russell Anderson for serving on the board for our district.

Goldsmith discussed the Airport Fuel System including the Construction Administration Agreement and Grant Application. Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to approve the Construction Administration Agreement subject to grant approval. Moved by VanBockel, Larson seconded, motion carried to approve the grant application.

The Elevator Street Project was also discussed by Goldsmith. Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, motion carried to approve the Notice to Proceed Contract.

The Animal Control Committee will get with the City Attorney to write up a draft of the amended ordinance change to be presented to the Council at the next meeting.

Wuttke reported from the last firefighters meeting that the EMT’s will be added to the Who’s Responding App and divide up the costs.

Mogard gave his police report. Problems with Mobridge dispatch and surveillance systems were discussed.  Moved by VanBockel, Everson seconded, motion carried to approve purchasing two flood lights that are portable and rechargeable for $800 each. 

The animal clinic was discussed. Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to have the animal clinic at the park on July 17 (NOTE – the vet is not available on July 17 therefore the date has been moved to July 24) with advertising after times have been set up from vet. 

Mogard asked about replacing the Ford Squad.

Anderson gave his maintenance report. Anderson asked to purchase a sewer camera. Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, motion carried to purchase a sewer camera from Northwest Pipe Fittings Inc out of Huron for $10,216.90.

Anderson discussed the pipe and water flow for the water drainage project. Street signs by the school and speed limits will be added to next month’s agenda.

There was one fuel bid from Agtegra for the following: Unleaded $2.565, Ruby Field Master $2.60. Moved by Roseland, Larson seconded, motion carried to accept the bid from Agtegra.

Moved by Nagel, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to move the August meeting to the 8th.

Ablott gave the finance officer’s report asking for any budget requests.  

Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, motion carried to approve ambulance write-offs in the amount of $2,529.47.

Moved by Roseland, Archer seconded, (Larson – nay) motion carried to accept Ablott’s letter of resignation.

Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to approve the following building permits; Mandy Luikens – addition at 500 E Commercial Ave.

Motioned by Roseland, Larson seconded, motion carried to go into executive session for personnel at 8:40 pm. Council reconvened at 9:23 pm.

Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to hire Allen Robbennolt as our new police officer at $16.00 per hour cops salary.

Round Table: Nagel asked if we had anything from the Elected Officials workshop or from the Finance Officer’s workshop that were attended. Ablott said the Elected Officials workshop is the month and the Finance Officer’s workshop was very interesting about dealing with different personalities based on generation and how to motivate your employees and then went to classes on code enforcement and the changes to liquor laws and licenses. Nagel asked if provide that information in notes so that it can be shared to the council and the public so that Susanne and whoever takes over. Ablott said yes we take notes. Nagel in other comments said thank you for your time here at Gettysburg with us. Best Wishes in your endeavors and new adventures. Mogard said courtesy of the Highway Patrol we got a $4,500 radar system given to us and it cost a $112 to put it in. We got a $3,000 light bar and a $1,200 switch to control the light bar and we bought that for $250. We saved about $6,000 there. VanBockel said that was a great car show and a lot more people came. Everson asked the streets were going to be filled in. VanBockel wants to thank the guys for the car show. Wuttke said he wanted to visit with people from the class reunion and they all commented on how nice the park was looking. 

Public Comment: Kara Williams will be sending you some additional information on some of those properties that you might find interesting. Archer asked about finding any more information about the awning. Williams said it looks like it needs to be refurbished.  

Motion by Nagel, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to adjourn at 9:30 PM.


Bill Wuttke, Mayor


Daniall Ablott, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $96.70

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