Gettysburg City Council held regular meeting Oct. 1

Unapproved Minutes

Gettysburg, South Dakota

October 1, 2018

Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in regular session on October 1, 2018, at 7:00 PM. Those present were Mayor Bill Wuttke, Pat Everson, Fran VanBockel, Dawn Nagel, Kelly Archer and Adam Roseland. Also present were Dave Mogard, Chief of Police, Allen Robbennolt, Officer, Russell Anderson, Maintenance Supervisor, Sheila Schatz, Finance Officer, Kara Williams, Economic Development, Todd Goldsmith, KLJ Engineering, and Beth Hamburger, Ambulance Director.

 Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to approve the minutes of September 5, 2018, pending one correction in the minutes.  No discussions.

Correction September 5, 2018, minutes:

Page 3 – Bottom of page, Ordinance No. 2018-8-1, 2019 Appropriation Ordinance – Water Fund/Sewer Fund numbers:


Fund                 Amount          Expended to     Unexpended

Authorized             Date            Authorization

Water Fund      318,100.00        164,397.28        153,702.72

Sewer Fund      151,000.00          87,172.27          63,827.73

469,100.00       251,569.55     217,530.45


Payroll Expense by Department:

Airport, $278.63; Ambulance, 3,729.11; Council, 0.00; Finance Office, 2,209.20; Parks, 1,406.97; Police, 6,816.67; Rubble Site, 839.24; Sewer, 3,106.82; Streets, 3,846.90; Swimming Pool, 2,733.26; Water, 4,055.75

Total Payroll Expense by Department $29,022.55

Net Payroll $22,201.84

Aflac, Insurance, $350.06; Agtegra Cooperative, Fuel, 2,982.07; Avera Occupational Medicine, Random Drug Testing, 72.00; Bank of the West, Payroll Taxes, 6,266.30; Bank of the West, Sales Tax, 507.76; Banyon, Fund Accounting Support, 795.00; Child Support Services, Payroll Deduction, 568.00; City of Gettysburg Petty Cash, Petty Cash, 71.18; 

Dakota Farm & Ranch Supplies, Street, Park, Police, Sewer and Water Supplies, 540.34; Dean’s Repair, Police Repairs/Maintenance, 203.86; Decker Repair & Welding, Park Repairs/Maintenance, 50.70; Galls, Inc., Police Supplies, 229.05; Gas N Goodies, Police Car Washes, 46.00; Gettysburg Collision Center, Streets Vehicle Repairs/Maintenance, 260.30; Gettysburg Economic Development, BBB Taxes, 279.71; 

Gettysburg Economic Development, 3rd Qtr. Stipend, 5,000.00; Heartland Waste, Garbage, 12,297.27; Hoven  Media, Inc., Ambulance Publishing, 22.00; In Stitches, Patches, 60.00; John Deere Financial, Street Repairs/Maintenance, 176.71; Keep It Safe, Computer Backups, 160.00; KLJ Engineering, Airport Fees, 11,865.96; Logan Electric, Oxygen Tank Refills, 37.53; 

Logan Electric, Street Lights Repairs/Maintenance, 96.45; Marco, Finance Office Supplies, 91.60; Menard’s, Police Supplies, 419.98; Midway Parts, Parks, Police, Water&Sewer Rprs/Maint., 71.23; Montana Dakota Utilities, Gas, Electric and Lighting, 4,078.62; New Creations, Police and Finance Office Supplies, 107.11; Northwest Pipe Fittings, Inc., Sewer & Water Supplies, 1,472.06; 

Potter County News, Finance, Police, & Pool Publications, 321.08; Praxair, Ambulance Supplies, 213.21; Principal Financial Group, Life Insurance, 84.67; Schlachter Lumber, Sewer and Street Supplies, 210.34; SD Dept. of Revenue, Water Testing Fees, 30.00; Servall, Finance, Airport, Ambulance, & Police Supplies, 110.38; 

South Dakota One Call, Water Locate Fees, 13.65; South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement, 3,276.01; The Radar Shop, Recertification of Radar Units, 86.00; Titan Machinery, Streets Equip. Repairs/Maintenance, 362.82; True Value, Police, Parks, Streets, & Pool Supplies, 2,134.72; US Postal Service, Water Supplies, Postage & Petty Cash, 356.77; 

Venture Communications, Phone, Fax, and Internet Services, 789.65; Verizon, Street and Police Phones, 367.39; Vilas Superstore, Water, Ambulance, Pool, Police & Park Supplies, 110.91; Wellmark BCBS, Health Insurance, 16,113.75; WEX Bank, Ambulance Fuel, 426.58.

TOTAL CHECKS 96,388.62

Moved by Roseland, Archer seconded, motion carried to approve the vouchers payable.

Appointment: Todd Goldsmith, KLJ Engineering, Beth Hamburger, Ambulance Director

Todd Goldsmith from KLJ Engineering addressed the council giving updates on the Airport Fuel Project, Elevator Street Project and the 212 Highway Project.  Anderson gave an update on the upcoming street sign project that they are marking the county, currently, so will be starting soon.

Beth Hamburger, Ambulance Director, discussed that on January 8, 2019, there will be an EMT course available for those interested.  Moved by VanBockel, Nagel seconded, motion carried to move forward with EMT classes in which a $600.00 fee will be charged for the classes.  Moved by VanBockel, (no second) motion that the City will reimburse the $600.00 class fee for people who have passed the class and that we hire for (1) year.  Motion died for lack of a second.  Moved by Nagel, Roseland seconded, motion carried to reimburse the Gettysburg class members for their cost following (1) year of service to the EMTs and a minimum of (3) runs with the ambulance service.  (VanBockel – nay)  Hamburger stated to watch for future newspaper ads and flyers regarding the EMT classes and the deadline to sign up will have to be by the middle of November, 2018.  Moved by Nagel, Roseland seconded, motion carried to have the City cover the ads of the EMT classes that will be held in January, 2019.  Hamburger also mentioned the EMT Conference is coming up in October, 2018, and we have (3) members currently attending.  

Hamburger discussed the possibility of replacing the old ambulance in the future and that they are starting the process of looking.  It was also mentioned that the newer ambulance was recently taken in for some repairs.  Hamburger also handed in a monetary donation given by Mrs. Pelton specified to go to the ambulance fund.  

Archer discussed Animal Control ordinance changes are still being worked on. An example ordinance was handed out to members and Mogard expressed concerns about fines being given for individual owners not cleaning up after their animals in town.

Williams provided information on the Fire Hall awning repair which should be taking place any day.  They have been waiting for decent weather.

Moved by Roseland, Archer seconded, motion carried that the City has designated its Mayor as the City’s authorized representative and has empowered the Mayor with the authority to sign grant agreement forms on behalf of the City.

Discussion was had on the City’s fire whistle regarding if it should or should not be blowing from the hours of 10PM to 7AM.  Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion for moving forward in discontinuing the fire whistle from blowing in between the hours of 10PM to 7AM.  Everson (yah), VanBockel (yah), Roseland (nay), Archer (nay), Nagel (nay).  Three to two in vote, nays have it until further research is done.  Mogard will do further research on this and we will discuss again at next meeting.

Mogard gave police report and explained that surveillance cameras were installed at the police department.  He was very pleased with the installation and the quality of the cameras   He also recently signed up for a free emergency alert system called Nixle.  If there is any kind of emergency or notification, for example, snow removal, he is able to send out a mass text to anyone in the community who has joined the system to keep the people informed.  Information explaining it and how to sign up can be found on the Facebook page, the City website, and in the Potter County News.  Mogard set up a Drug Take Back at the Sheriff’s office on October 26, 2018.  It will run from 10AM to 2PM. Take in all your old medications to be disposed of properly.  Mogard gave an update on the new squad vehicle, that it has been ordered.  He also explained that (5) deer that were in the airport have been taken care of so no problems will be occurring because of them.

Hamburger reported she will be taking the police department through the Narcan training soon and is in the process of setting that training up.

Discussion was had on the deterioration of the Vail building on the northeast corner of Commercial & Exene.  Mogard will be communicating with owner of this building to discuss this further.

Anderson gave maintenance report.  The airport fuel project card network is underway but we are awaiting further information and will discuss it again at next meeting.  Anderson discussed correspondence received from Sita OnAir wherein they would like to install a receiver on the North side of our building at the airport for communication radio.  It has been cleared by FAA and they are doing so at several airports because they are public access.  They have sent us a lease request wherein they will pay the City so much rent per month for it.   Moved by VanBockel, Everson seconded, motion carried to go ahead and enter into the contract with Sita OnAir. 

Anderson discussed the need for City maintenance to be replacing the defective water meter heads at several locations within the community.  We need to get as many changed out as possible before the end of the year as they are all still under warranty up to that time.  Moved by Nagel, Archer seconded, motion carried to put an ad in the newspaper regarding the water meter head change outs.  Further discussion was had on how to convey this issue to the public.     

There was one fuel bid from Agtegra for the following: Unleaded 10% Ethanol FTE $2.715, Ruby Fieldmaster $2.75, and #1 Ruby Fieldmaster $2.95.  Moved by Nagel, Roseland seconded, motion carried to accept the bid from Agtegra.

Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, motion carried to approve ambulance write-offs in the amount of $938.60.

Schatz gave the finance office report.  Excel training was discussed for the finance officer.  Moved by VanBockel, Nagel seconded, motion carried to pay for finance officer to attend one day training in Excel in December, 2018.

2019 levy taxes were discussed and approved.  Moved by Roseland, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to approve the 2019 levy taxes.  No discussions.

Schatz discussed renewal was taken care of on the Anniversary Rating Supplement Insurance with SD Public Assurance Alliance.  She also informed that a donation was given to the City from the Bernie Webb Memorial expressing his wishes to be used toward upkeep of Loitwood Park.

Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, motion carried to approve demolition permit of Avera Gettysburg Hospital – property at 702 E Hwy 212 – Steel & Brick Building – Demo by Logan Electric.  No discussions.

Moved by Everson, Roseland seconded, motion carried to go into executive session for personnel at 8:20PM.  Council reconvened at 9:05PM.  Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to go forward with the 4-year 4% longevity raise for Greg Gerber.   

Correspondence: Principal Life Ins. Co. renewal rates effective November 1, 2018; a Thank-You card from Carmen Worth at Avera was read thanking Mogard for the change in this year’s homecoming parade route – the Manor residents very much enjoyed it; August, 2018, bank statements were provided to council and looked over as a recommendation of SDML to do once a quarter.

Round Table:  Williams discussed attending the NECOG meeting last week and what was learned about the Land Conservation Water Fund Grant. A couple possible interests in what this funding could be used for were mentioned such as pool renovations and community interest in a pickle ball court. Williams also advised she would be sending the quarterly financials of Economic Development to council by end of the week.  Wuttke mentioned an email we received from Cheryl Sautner on a commitment letter for the Pre Disaster Mitigation Plan that is done every (5) years.  It was too late to add to agenda so will be discussed at next month’s meeting.  Mogard discussed a call he received regarding a possible overnight at airport and wanted to know council’s thoughts on appropriate action to be taken.  Mogard also wanted to thank the maintenance crew for installing the cameras at the police department and also to the school for putting up with the changes that were made this year on the homecoming parade route.  Robbennolt discussed the importance and the need for the community to post addresses on houses as it would benefit in saving so much time when trying to respond to a call or an emergency wherein timing can be critical in saving a life.  It was stated it has been advertised in the newspaper before.  Robbennolt also mentioned he was once an IT tech and offered his services in volunteering to help out with the City website and/or updating of computer software if and when needed.  Schatz announced the annual GIA Bikathon is this Friday.  She also asked about possibility of repairing or changing lights in City office canopy.

Public Comment: None

Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to adjourn.


Bill Wuttke, Mayor


Sheila K. Schatz, Finance Officer

Published once at the approximate cost of $136.60


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