Gettysburg City Council held regular meeting Oct. 7

Unapproved Minutes

Gettysburg, South Dakota

October 7, 2019

Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in regular session on October 7, 2019, at 7:00 PM. Those present were Mayor Bill Wuttke, Phillip Nagel, Brad Frost, Fran VanBockel, Dawn Nagel, Kelly Archer, and Adam Roseland. Also present were Dave Mogard, Chief of Police, Shiann Haupert, Police Officer, Russell Anderson, Maintenance Supervisor, Sheila Schatz, Finance Officer, and Kara Williams, Economic Development.

Moved by P. Nagel, VanBockel seconded, to approve the minutes of September 4, 2019, regular meeting.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.


Payroll Expense by Department:

Airport, $1,688.77; Ambulance, $3,836.58; Council, $0.00; Finance Office, $1,370.63; Parks, $2,215.63; Police, $6,966.62; Rubble Site, $1,721.57; Sewer, $1,958.75; Streets, $4,575.85; Swimming Pool, $434.86; Water, $4,915.07; West Nile, $90.90.

Total Payroll Expense 

by Department                        $29,775.23

Net Payroll                                $21,306.14

Aflac, Insurance, $517.67; Agtegra, Fuel, $5,166.24; Anderson, Russell, Membership Refund, $24.48; Avera Careflight, Memberships, $245.00; Axon Enterprise, Police Supplies, $140.00; Bank of the West, Payroll Taxes and Sales Tax, $6,741.87; Child Support Service, Payroll Deduction, $568.00; Civil Air Patrol Magazine, Airport Ad, $95.00; 

Dakota Farm & Ranch Supplies, Annex, Ambulance, Street, Sewer, & Police Supplies, $459.94; Dean’s Repair, Police Repairs/Maintenance, $108.79; Dollar General, Police & Park Supplies, $47.95; Economic Development, 3rd Qtr. Stipend, $5,000.00; Gall’s, Inc., Police Supplies, $79.09; Gerber, Greg, Membership Refund, $20.40; Gettysburg Collision Center, Police Repairs/Maintenance, $55.00; 

Gettysburg Development Corp., BBB Taxes, $3,770.74; Golden West Industrial Supply, Police Supplies, $784.13; Great Western Bank, Finance Office & Police Supplies, $291.83; Heartland Waste Mgmt., Inc., Garbage, $6,489.83; John Deere Financial, Street & Park Supplies, $329.60; Keep It Safe, Computer Backups, $160.00; KLJ Engineering, Prof. Svs. – Projects, $4,144.04; 

Langer’s, Pool Supplies, $21.56; Logan Electric, Fire Hall Repairs/Maintenance, $1,272.95; Marco, Copier Lease, $136.33; Menard’s, Police Building & Supplies, $7,613.19; Michael Larson, Legal Professional Services, $675.00; Midway Parts, Park, Police & Street Supplies, $27.02; Mogard, Dave, Membership Refund, $68.54; Montana Dakota Utilities, Gas, Electric and Lighting, $4,316.03; 

Mueller Systems, Maintenance Agreement, $884.52; New Creations, Police & Finance Office Supplies, $238.29; Northwest Pipe Fittings, Inc., Water Supplies, $33.56; Petty Cash, Petty Cash, $102.21; Potter County News, Finance, Police & Pool Publications, $433.92; Praxair, Ambulance Supplies, $190.49; Principal Financial Group, Life Insurance, $80.34; 

Rees Communications, Police & Ambulance Rprs/Maintenance, $1,333.00; Resident, Ambulance Refund, $250.00; Sanitation Products, Street Supplies, $130.61; Schatz, Sheila, Mileage/Conference, $51.24; Schlachter Lumber, Ambulance & Police Supplies, $544.14; SD Dept. of Revenue, Water Testing Fees, $211.00; SD Municipal League, Election Workshop, $25.00; 

Servall, Finance, Airport, Ambulance, & Police Rugs, $115.86; South Dakota One Call, Water Locate Fees, $14.70; South Dakota Retirement Systems, Retirement, $3,372.23; Stryker, Ambulance Repairs/Maintenance, $1,110.38; The Radar Shop, Police Repairs/Maintenance, $86.00; True Value, Airport, Annex, Fire/Amb., Pool, Water, Police, Sewer, & Finance Office Supplies, $725.00; 

US Postal Service, Water Bills Postage, $171.08; Venture Communications, Telephone/Fax/Internet, $850.24; Verizon, Street & Police Phones, $408.95; Wager, Shane, Monthly IT Retainer, $120.00; Wellmark BCBS, Health Insurance, $9,445.36.

TOTAL CHECKS                    $91,604.48

Moved by Roseland, D. Nagel seconded, to approve the vouchers payable. All members present voted Aye. Motion carried.

Appointment: American Legion representatives were unable to attend.

The Street Committee needs to meet to discuss the current parking ordinance and the vacating of alleyways.  This will be discussed further at a future council meeting.

The new Police Guidelines were discussed.  The Police Committee need to meet with Attorney Larson regarding updating the police guidelines.  This will be discussed further at a future council meeting.

Funds for the water and wastewater for the Highway 212 project were discussed.

The City’s health insurance renewal was presented and discussed.  Moved by VanBockel, D. Nagel seconded, to approve the recommended health plan, the Avera 2000 Gold policy.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Archer mentioned Mr. Pearman would be coming in for both a moving permit as well as a building permit on house.  

Mogard gave police report.  Mogard had Schatz order two more skunk traps.  Mogard explained there was a small chemical spill on E 5th, south of the school, and DENR was called in to inspect.  The spill was cleaned up and DENR will be back to reinspect in 30 days.  

D. Nagel asked Mogard if when our City police write a ticket on the State Highway, do all funds go to the State.  Mogard explained that all funds do go to the State but a certain portion of it comes back to the school.

Mogard informed that we qualified and have been awarded the Highway Safety grant in which one of the benefits will allow us to purchase a speed trailer.  It also pays for some overtime for the department to do saturation patrol, speed patrol, DUI enforcement, seatbelt enforcement, sobriety check points, etc.  Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, to approve the purchase of a StreetScout Speed Trailer with the grant covering $5,658.00 and City covering remaining balance of $2,158.00.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Mogard asked if the City would be interested in donating money toward the D.A.R.E. program.  Moved by VanBockel, P. Nagel seconded, to approve the donation of $500 from the City to the D.A.R.E. program.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Mogard stated he applied for an AED Grant through the SD Department of Health.  If qualify, we would receive brand new AEDs for both squads for free.

Mogard expressed that snow tires will be installed on both squads this week and they have now moved into their new building (the old library building) across from City Hall.  

Anderson gave maintenance report.  Sign off needs to be completed on the Closeout Report for FAA Grant for the Airport Fuel System.  Moved by VanBockel, D. Nagel seconded, to approve Mayor sign off on the Closeout Report for the FAA Grant for the Airport Fuel System Project.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  

Anderson informed that we had one bid on the Road Gravel which was from Logan Electric in the amount of $17,985.00.  It was awarded as motion was approved last month for lowest bidder.  

Anderson gave an update on the Airport Taxilane Project.  A problem was discovered on a 250’ area due to high groundwater tables.  A change order will need to be cleared with the FAA for the extra repair.

Anderson said the hospital demolition is going well. The crew has been very nice to work with and they are being as expedient as they can on the demolition.

Basic water rates were discussed.  The demand charge from Mid-Dakota Rural Water is continually increasing.  The City has not had basic water rate increases over the past 10+ years.  The City is currently in the red in this area.  It was discussed that we need to increase our basic water fee by $5.00 per month with the new increase to be effective January 1, 2020.  The council stated they hate to incorporate increases but need to in order to stay in the positive.  Ordinance 2019-10-07 was presented for first reading.  Moved by Roseland, Archer seconded, to approve first reading of Ordinance 2019-10-07 amending Chapter 13.04 “Water Service, Section 13.04.130 entitled Deposit-Rates-Late Penalty of the Gettysburg Municipal Code (1) to read as follows:  “A basic monthly fee of $18.00 per month per water-consuming unit will be charged.  This fee does not include any water usage.”  (3) to read as follows: “A basic monthly fee of $27.00 per month per water-consuming unit outside the City limits will be charged.  This fee does not include any water usage.”  “Monthly rates for the use of water shall be effective January 1, 2020.”  All members present voted Aye (VanBockel-Nay). Motion carried.

There was one fuel bid from Agtegra for the following:  Unleaded 10% Ethanol FTE $2.315, Ruby Fieldmaster at $2.33, and #1 Ruby Fieldmaster at $2.78.  Jet-A Fuel bid was $2.873.  Moved by P. Nagel, VanBockel seconded, to accept the fuel bid from Agtegra.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, to accept ambulance write-offs in the amount of $2,610.19.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Schatz gave the finance office report.  She informed Council she included a few financial reports in each member’s packet to bring them up-to-date on current finances.

Schatz asked for motion approving request for the maximum of $673,622 taxes payable in 2020.  Moved by VanBockel, D. Nagel seconded, to approve the request for the maximum of $673,622 levy taxes in 2020.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Schatz asked Council a question regarding insuring the new cop shop.  

Schatz informed the Council that she researched Ordinance clean up and reorganizing.  Recommendation was to hire either American Legal Publishing or Municode.  The process does take time and there is cost to it, but finance offices that utilized them said it was well worth it.  Schatz was asked by Council to get quotes from each company for discussion at November meeting.

The 2017-2018 Audit is now complete and approved by the State.  Schatz went over the findings with Council.  Moved by Roseland, D. Nagel seconded, to approve Mayor Wuttke and Schatz as finance officer to sign off on the final findings of the 2017-2018 Audit.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Schatz went over the information for the upcoming EMT conference in Aberdeen.  The conference is Nov. 1-3 and hotel rooms are currently booked for all those attending.  Moved by Roseland, Archer seconded, to approved EMTs to attend the EMT Conference Nov. 1-3 and to cover the cost of hotel rooms for the same.  All members present voted Aye (VanBockel abstained from voting).  Motion carried.

Schatz explained that GIA is interested in helping clean up and maintaining Loitwood Park as part of their program but would like permission to decorate and use area, on occasion, for functions.  All Council members were in favor of this but asked that GIA check with FFA to see if they wanted to do this as a coordinated effort since FFA cleaned up the park as a class last month.  Schatz will forward the information on to the GIA group.  

Schatz reported her findings regarding municipalities known to own a bar or liquor store.  Communities contacted that used to have a City owned bar reported it was not a successful endeavor.  Schatz will contact Hoven and see how they like their arrangement and will report such at November meeting.  Kara of Economic Development gave Schatz an information packet from the Miller Development on how their City has rental agreements they use for their Annex/Community Center.  D. Nagel asked that Schatz call Faulkton to see how they handle theirs.  Schatz will report on this at November meeting.

Moved by VanBockel, P. Nagel seconded, motion to approve Moving Permit of Sylvia Sloat – Lot 21 Block 15 -to- Lot 13 Block 15 – Storage Shed; and Building Permits of Emmanuel Lutheran Church – 601 E Logan Ave. – Parking Lot; and Curtis Lagan – 306 S Harrison – Living Quarters.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by P. Nagel, D. Nagel seconded, to go into Executive Session for personnel at 8:31PM.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  Council reconvened at 8:41PM.

Moved by D. Nagel, Roseland seconded, to give end-of-season pool bonuses for pool workers per recommendation by Assistant Pool Manager, Sasha Cordell.  A $1.00 bonus for hours worked will be given to each of the seasonal pool workers that finished out the season.   All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  

In correspondence, Schatz gave an airport fuel report for the month.  A Thank-You was read from the Marla Gerber family.  There was also an email from NECOG regarding a Land and Conservation Grant.

Round Table:  P. Nagel inquired as to how the website changes are coming along.  Schatz explained Conradie is working on them as it fits into her schedule.  Mogard wanted to thank everyone who offered and who helped move the police department into their new building.  Haupert wanted to thank Council for the donation to the D.A.R.E. program and for hiring her on as she has now been in our community for 6 months.  Kara explained the NECOG Land and Conservation Grant in more detail.  She also wanted to remind the community that NECOG has only officially owned the Medicine Rock Café since June.  They have hired professional cleaners and they will be planning an open house in the near future.  D. Nagel wanted to thank the finance officers for a job well done on the audit;  to thank the pool staff for their good work at the pool over the summer; to thank the maintenance staff for helping repair items in an efficient manner when things are not running properly; and to thank the police department for being patient in their move into the new building.  Archer asked Kara for an update on the interested party in obtaining property for a possible new feed warehouse.  She explained that the party has been trying to get some bids to see if the property would work out for it.  

Moved by VanBockel, D. Nagel seconded, to adjourn at 8:49PM. All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.


Bill Wuttke, Mayor


Sheila K. Schatz, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $138.39