Gettysburg City Council held year end meeting Dec. 27

Unapproved Minutes

Gettysburg, South Dakota

December 27, 2018

Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in special session on December 27, 2018, at 7:00PM. Those present were Mayor Bill Wuttke, Pat Everson, Fran VanBockel (via phone), Dawn Nagel, Kelly Archer, and Adam Roseland. Also present were Dave Mogard, Chief of Police, Russell Anderson, Maintenance Supervisor, Sheila Schatz, Finance Officer, and Allen Robbennolt, Officer.

Moved by Everson, Roseland seconded to approve the minutes from December 3, 2018, meeting.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried. 


Payroll Expense by Department:

Airport, $235.84; Ambulance, $3,214.70; Finance Office, $5,024.60; Parks, $187.46; Police, $8,550.00; Rubble Site, $455.54; Sewer, $3,267.13; Streets, $3,096.61; Water, $6,284.90; Snow Removal, $2,380.15; Swimming Pool, $75.00.

Total Payroll Expense 

by Department $32,771.93

Net Payroll $23,488.00

AFLAC, Supplemental Insurance, $350.06; Bank of the West, Payroll Taxes and Sales Tax, $7,273.65; Banyon Data Systems, Inc., Computer Support, $795.00; Cam-Wal Electric Cooperative, Electricity, $22.00; Child Support Service, Child Support, $568.00; City of Gettysburg, Water Deposit Refund, $100.00; Civil Air Patrol Magazine, Airport Adv., $100.00; 

Clark, Kaylei, Refund – 2018 Liquor License Fees, $400.00; Dakota Farm & Ranch, Building, Police, Street & Water Supplies, $992.23; Dean’s Repair, Ambulance & Police Auto Repairs, $283.66; DENR, Annual Discharge Permit Fee, $1,500.00; Digital-Ally Capture Truth, Police Supplies, $80.00; Division of Agricultural Services, Spraying Certification, $60.00; 

Elliott Company, Water & Streets Parts & Equip., $1,907.92; Gas-n-Goodies, Car Washes & Supplies, $76.18; Gary Snow & Associates, Mold Testing, $494.35; Gettysburg Economic Development, BBB Taxes & 4th Quarter Stipend, $7,458.16; Great Western Bank, Police Supplies & SAM Cage Renewal, $589.70; Heartland Waste Management, Garbage Fee, $6,143.84; 

Heuertz, Travis, Police Equip., $2,750.00; John Deere Financial, Street Repairs/Maintenance, $6.85; KLJ Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, Inc., Street & Airport Projects, $12,065.17; Keep It Safe, Computer Backups, $160.00; Logan Electric, Inc., Outlets Repairs & Bldg. Supplies, $429.75; Logan, Haley, CPR Recertification, $40.00; Lowary, Anita, Finance Training & Fill-In Help, $3,004.92; 

Marco, Copier Leasing, $107.78; Menards, Building & Police Supplies, $453.35; Mid Dakota Rural Water, Airport & City Water, $14,298.50; Midway Parts, Streets & Police Supplies, $449.22; Mike’s Repair, Ambulance & Streets Auto Repairs, $611.30; Modern Marketing, Police Supplies, $153.81; Mogard, David, Police Supplies, $25.56; 

Montana Dakota Utilities, Gas, Electric, & Lights, $6,181.13; Mueller Systems, EZ Year Maintenance Program, $819.00; New Creations, Police & Finance Office Supplies, $318.28; Northern Plains Coop, Street Supplies, $955.50; Northwest Pipe Fittings, Inc., Building Supplies, $110.00; Petty Cash, Petty Cash, 82.52; 

Praxair, Ambulance Supplies, $154.69; Principal Financial Group, Life Insurance, $80.34; Rural Health Care, Inc., Employee Vaccinations, $(124.00); Schatz Electric, Building Repairs/Supplies, $413.37; Schlachter Lumber, Inc., Police, Airport & Park Supplies, $1,121.88; SD Airport Management Association, Membership Dues, $25.00; 

SD Department of Revenue, Water Testing, $30.00; SD Government Finance Officers, Membership Dues, $70.00; SD Human Resources Association, Membership Dues, $50.00; SD Municipal League, Membership Dues, $1.231.39; SD Municipal Street Maintenance Assoc., Membership Dues, $35.00; SD One Call, One Calls, $5.25; SDWWA, Membership Dues, 20.00; 

Servall Uniform & Linen, Rugs, $220.76; South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement, $3,865.84; Sunset Graphics, Police Supplies, $268.00; Titan Machinery, Streets Supplies, $88.00; True Value, Police, Streets, Airport & Building Supplies, $509.26; U.S. Postmaster, Water Bill Postage, $342.44; 

Venture Communications, Phone, Fax, Internet, Alarm, $803.79; Verizon Wireless, Street & Police Cell Phones, $591.06; Wellmark BCBS, Health Insurance, $9,822.50; Wex Bank, Ambulance Fuel, $495.58; Zuber, Christopher, CPR Recertification, $40.00; Zuber, Steven, CPR Recertification, $40.00.

TOTAL CHECKS $115,905.54

Moved by Roseland, D. Nagel seconded, to approve the vouchers payable.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

A 2nd reading of Supplemental Ordinance 2018-8-3 was presented to the Council.  

Moved by Everson, D. Nagel seconded, to approve 2nd Reading and Roll Call of Supplemental Ordinance 2018-8-3.  Roll Call Vote was as follows:  Everson – Aye, VanBockel (via telephone) – Aye, D. Nagel – Aye, Archer – Aye, Roseland – Aye.   Motion carried.

Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, to approve the authorization of Mayor to sign the 2019 Airport Grant Pre-Application.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by Everson, Roseland seconded, to approve acceptance of the Claim from Claims Associates, Inc. File No. GC2018095731 for the wind damage on ball field light towers on 06/05/2018.  All Members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

One bid for the replacement of (2) light poles due to wind damage on light towers at the ball field was presented: Logan Electric, Inc. for $42,108.00.  Moved by Roseland, D. Nagel seconded, to table current bid at this time for the purpose of getting a new bid which includes tearing down (4) other towers out of the (6) that were there and replace with (4) new light poles by relocating them.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried. 

Moved by Everson, Roseland seconded, to approve Motion to move the following Contingency Funds to cover the following 2018 expenditures:

Contingency – Other

101-41130-42900 – $38,210.00

Finance Office – 

Professional Services

101-41400-42200 – $2,000.00

Police – Insurance

101-42100-42100 – $3,000.00

Streets – Insurance

101-43100-42100 – $13,500.00

Streets – Fuel

101-43100-42804 – $5,000.00

Street Lighting – Electricity

101-43160-42801 – $1,300.00

Airport – Repairs

101-43500-42500 – $3,400.00

Ambulance – Insurance

101-44600-42100 – $3,050.00

Ambulance – Machinery

101-44600-43400 – $5,360.00

Auditorium – Supplies

101-45600-42600 – $1,600.00

All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Discussion was had regarding (3) outstanding checks issued by the City which were quite old but still outstanding and possibly doing a Motion to put a timeframe in which issued checks will be honored until.  Moved by D. Nagel, Roseland seconded, to approve Motion to declare checks issued by the City of Gettysburg will not be honored by the bank if they are older than (6) months from date of issue unless the check is reissued through the Gettysburg City Finance Office.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Mogard discussed the possibility of purchasing new portable radios yet this year.  Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded, to hold off currently on purchasing new portable radios at this time.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Anderson asked if what was left over of the Snow Removal Budget at end-of-year could be transferred over for 2019.  Moved by Roseland, Archer seconded to roll over what is left over at end-of-year for 2018 Snow Removal Budget into 2019 Snow Removal Budget.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Anderson discussed the information we have so far on the airport network card system.  Schatz is continuing to gather more information.  Anderson asked that Council read over material on the same so that a decision could be made at our regular monthly meeting on January, 7, 2019.

Wuttke discussed a Motion on the Gettysburg Community Access Grant Amendment Extending Completion Date of the Community Access project until 10/1/2019.  Moved by Archer, Roseland seconded to accept the Gettysburg Community Access Grant Amendment Extending Completion Date of the Community Access project of 10/1/2019.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Correspondence:  Schatz announced a Thank You would be going out to Doug Quiett showing our appreciation for donations he recently made to the City.

Round Table:  Roseland wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  Archer had a short discussion on snow removal and ticketing.  Archer would like to remind everyone to utilize all of the multi-media options we have available to know when snow removal will be done.  Discussion was again had regarding traffic issues due to parking on both sides of the street at the intersection of Blaine & Harrison.  A few Council Committee Members will be meeting at that location, physically, on January 4, 2019, at 1:00PM to look over the issue and come up with options.  D. Nagel stated she would like to thank our snow removal crew for a job well done.  Mogard advised that he spoke with the inspector who looked at Vail’s building and they cannot remove the asbestos out of that building until it warms up as will have to tap into the fire hydrant, so it will be Spring or Summer before the demolition crew can get to it.  Robbennolt reported that the Academy is going well and he passed the first half.  VanBockel would like to give a big Thank You to Anita Lowery for coming in and helping with some training and filling in while Schatz was gone dealing with medical.  Wuttke also stated he was thankful, as well, as she has helped us out a lot and wishes everyone a safe, happy and prosperous New Year.

Moved by Roseland, D. Nagel seconded, Motion to Adjourn at 7:50PM.   All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  

Bill Wuttke, Mayor

Sheila Schatz, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $104.97