GHS Graduation

Well, pretty much everything that could have gone wrong did as far as the livestreaming went, but the good news is, we have a new crop of graduates from Gettysburg High School.

Despite checking the football field to make sure the wifi worked, it wasn’t able to do the trick when the livestream started, so I missed the beginning of the ceremony, and for that I am so sorry. Thanks to help from a great tech crew, I was able to get it changed from livestream to download, so most of it is here to view. As you can see by the flag, we had a pretty healthy Potter County wind, so the sound was a bit of a struggle, too.

Again, my apologies for the problems we faced with the livestream, and for missing the beginning of the ceremony. I have far more experience in the printed page, and I did get photos, so you will be able to see more and read about it in this week’s edition of the Potter County News. Thank you for your patience, and here’s the link to some of our graduation ceremony.

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