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Ground breaking for new school…

DSC_0245A ground breaking ceremony for the new high school was held at the Gettysburg School Gym on Thursday, Oct. 3. The high school band played while members of the community, school staff, and students were on hand to hear presentations from representatives of the school board, administrative staff, architects, contractors, and student council before the actual ground breaking was done on the lawn outside of the gym where the new construction will soon get underway. The cold, windy, rainy weather prohibited the students from being outside for the event, but the rest of the crew yielded their shovels with a warm enthusiasm. Pictured from left are school principal Wendy Smith, school board member Kimberly Schweiss, Sharpe Enterprises owner Gerrick McComsey, school superintendent Tim Hagedorn, school board member Kay Schmidt, architect Dean Marske from HKG Architects, school board member Brian Robbennolt, student council president Alli Lake (John and Bridget), school business manager Barb Everson, school board member Paul Kellogg, school board president Matt Cronin, and school board member Ryan Lake. Construction will begin during the next week, weather permitting.

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