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Ground breaking…

methodist ground breaking 2014DSC_0771Members of the United Methodist Church in Gettysburg gathered Monday morning, June 9 for a ground breaking ceremony. The church is starting construction on a new fellowship hall on the east side of the church.  Pastor Jeff Adel said a few words and offered a blessing over the ground breaking, saying that it was just one year ago that the church first talked about the building, and the group gathered with golden shovels to turn ground to start the project. Included in the ceremony were Sara Wuttke, Betty Holzwarth, Bill Wuttke, Kameron, Kierra, and Jennifer Hunnel, Jerry Houck, Kevin, Sydney, and Ellen Logan, Pris Bown, Norm Kostboth, Kathleen Nagel, Donna Hanson, Rease Logan, Wanda and Pastor Jeff Adel, Phyllis Merrill, Lola Russell, Carletta Kilian, Vaughn Larson, and Sherman Rausch. Fellowship halls have been added to the churches in town for the past several years, starting with the Grace Bible Church. The Sacred Heart Catholic Church added a building a few years ago, and the Emmanuel Lutheran Church currently has one under construction. The buildings are used for church programs and community events, and have added nice venues for the congregations and Gettysburg. The project at the Methodist Church was designed and will be built by Logan Electric Construction, and should be done by the end of the year.

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