HHS coronation

Hoven High School is celebrating homecoming this week, and Monday evening, Oct. 7, the week started with coronation. The 2019 Royal Court included (l to r)   Fairies Breanna Hurd (Jeremy and Lisa), Kenall Collins (Matt and Melissa), Charlee Stuwe (Lance and Krystal), (candidate, standing) Dasia Reuer (James Reuer and DeNora Lenz), King Jason Kaiser (Conald and Laurel), Queen Hope Rausch (Angie),  (candidate, standing) Joan Schmidt (Bruce and Tricia), Pixies Easton Hobert (Mike and April), Jayden Karst (Travis and Jodie), Escorts Jonney Zweber (Jesse and Denise), and Paxton Hartung (Brady and Jamie). The parade is rescheduled from Friday afternoon at 1:30 to Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 2 p.m. following a theme of Board Games. 


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