Gettysburg, SD
Intermittent clouds
Intermittent clouds

Kiss the girl…

dance kiss the girl frontDSC_0068Ricky Larson (Jessica Larson and Rick Larson) grinned but held his ground when Aleah Schwab (Jason and Leisa) did the dance move to “Kiss the Girl.” The dancers performed to the song from the movie The Little Mermaid during the Ta Da Dance Recital held at the auditorium on Saturday night. Aleah was joined by fellow dancers Arianna Forgey (Brenda Doerr and Kraig Forgey), Neva Mikkelsen (Andy and Amber), and Mikenna Brown (Kerrie and Mike). Over 40 youngsters from Gettysburg and Hoven participated in the annual recital, which is the culmination of the dance classes provided during the summer by Dana Schumacher with assistance from Katrina Smith.

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