Life guards

Being a lifeguard at the Gettysburg swimming pool in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic means doing lots more than knowing how to swim to save a life. In order to help control the spread of the virus, swimmers are all temperature tested before entering the pool, and the front counter has protective plexiglass shields in place. The data is filed to assist with social tracking if needed. Additional cleaning to surfaces is also done throughout the day. Lifeguard Makaivry Schatz (Sheila Schatz/Mark Schatz) checks the temperature of Aiden Larson (Katie and Tony), while his cousin, Andrew Quiett (David and Anne) from Elk Point, SD, watched. Temperatures must be below 100 degrees to enter the pool, and each person is asked a series of health questions. There are currently no recorded cases of the coronavirus in Potter County. 

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