Gettysburg, SD

March goes out like a lion during Monday blizzard

Potter County was part of much of the state caught in a significant storm on Monday, March 31. Starting Sunday night, the wind howled throughout the next day, with snow starting Monday afternoon. Classes were cancelled for the day in Hoven, and school was dismissed in Gettysburg at 12:45 in anticipation of the storm. The snow started about 15 minutes later. Before long the county was in a white out, with zero visibility and snow drifts building as a result of the more than four inches of snow and sustained winds in excess of 45 mph, with gusts to 58 mph.
The snow subsided late Monday night, and the winds had calmed by Tuesday morning. Both schools in the county had a late start so streets and parking areas could be cleared.
According to local law enforcement, no major accidents or injuries were reported as a result of the storm. Two semis were reported stuck on the highway, and the city and county maintenance crews helped with those. Several pickups and cars were stuck around town and the mail truck got stuck, but nothing serious.
Monday’s Concert Series performance was cancelled and a performance will be rescheduled for a less snowy date.
The maintenance crews were busy removing the huge piles of snow throughout Tuesday.

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