Gettysburg, SD
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Masons offer free Child ID event Wednesday, Oct. 17

Ionic Masonic Lodge #83 in Gettysburg encourages parents to protect their children by taking them through a five-phased, free identification program on Wednesday, Sept. 17 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Gettysburg School gym.
The South Dakota Freemasons Child Identification Program (SD CHIP) is the most comprehensive available to parents. When completed, parents are given all materials for easy access and safekeeping, including a brief video interview of their children, digital photograph, digital fingerprints, cheek swab, and an impression of their teeth. Thanks to a donation from the Gettysburg Rotary Club, the service is free to all children, pre-school through age 18, participating in the program. It is conducted by members of the Ionic Lodge in cooperation with the SD Dental Association and SD Sheriff’s Association.
The program is also taking place at the Hoven School on Oct. 18.
Consent forms have been sent home from the school and must be returned by Oct. 17. The forms will also be available for parents to sign at the door that day.
The program has been sponsored in previous years by the Masons. For additional information, contact Larry Madsen.