Money in the Mail

Money in the Mail 

I got another free money check in the mail. I didn’t do anything to earn it, I don’t need it, and I don’t want it. I guess I am supposed to spend it to help the economy. The problem with that is   I already have more money than I need,  I already have everything I want, my son is already a multi-millionaire and my daughter is getting her masters. We have no financial problems. What I am going to do is give this money to someone who needs it and will spend it rather than let the banks use it for free.  I’m already doing too much of that.  What I did with my last free money check is I gave it to needy individuals, the Salvation Army, and the food bank. There are probably people in Potter County who got a check but don’t really need it. I would suggest they do the same as I did. Let us be loving and generous to those who are struggling.

We do need to do things to help those whose families are in desperate situations. We can’t let people go hungry nor lose their homes in the United States of America. The Republicans wanted to target the money to those who really needed it.  I agree with the Republicans on that. The overly generous Democrats just wanted to give to people like me regardless of the need.

Merlyn Schutterle

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