Gettysburg, SD
Intermittent clouds
Intermittent clouds

One incident reported during opening weekend of pheasant hunt

According the Potter County Sheriff Curt Hamburger, there was only one report of a shooting mishap during the opening weekend of the pheasant hunting season near Gettysburg.
Steven E. Naylor, 54, of Pierre was shot by Edgar Naylor, 78, of Rapid City. The incident happened southeast of Gettysburg. around 2:35 p.m. on Saturday. Bird shot pellets hit Steven in face, chest, and arms, but the injuries were not life-threatening.
The weather cooperated with cool temperatures and no rain or snow on Saturday, and several hunters reported getting their limit of birds. The weather changed on Sunday with cloudy skies and cold winds.
Sheriff Hamburger does remind folks to watch for people and hunting dogs. Often hunters are parked on the roadsides, so asks for everyone to use extra caution.
-Molly McRoberts

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