Ordinance #2017-11-1

ORDINANCE # 2017-11-1



BE IT ORDAINED by the City of Gettysburg that the following sum is supplementally appropriated to meet the obligations of the municipality. This is to supplement the budgets for the following funds:

General Fund

101 General Fund (To cover street

projects and zipper)

43100 Street

43300 Improvements Other

Than Buildings $138,544.64

101 General Fund (To cover Payloader

Lease/Buy per Auditor)

47700 Debt Service Fund

44100 Principal $18,062.59

Total Appropriations $156,607.23

Source of Funding

101 Unassigned Fund Balance

(General Funds) $156,607.23

Total Funding Sources $156,607.23

Signed and Dated by Bill Wuttke, Mayor

First Reading: November 6, 2017

Second Reading: December 4, 2017

Published: December 14, 2017 and December 21, 2017

Published twice at the total approximate cost of $25.88


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