Parade waves

Under the shadow of the American flag, Rolleen and Jerry Hauck, wearing winter jackets to fend off the chilly wind and face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, waved at the line of emergency service members who drove past their home. Local law enforcement, EMTs, and firefighters drove through the streets of Gettysburg on Saturday afternoon, April 4, to let the community know just some of the people who are there for them in an emergency. On the other side of that, it gave residents a chance to let the emergency services know how much they are appreciated, as people came out to wave and show their thanks, with some holding signs, but all sharing smiles. Many are taking steps to social distance as the Covid-19 virus continues to sweep the nation. The parade of Gettysburg city police, Potter County sheriff department, Game, Fish and Parks, ambulance crew, and volunteer fire fighters included around 15 vehicles, sirens, and flashing lights, and lasted about an hour as they drove the north/south streets, working their way from the west to east side of town. 

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