Parking and snow removal reminder

Gettysburg residents are reminded that there is no parking allowed on city streets when two inches or more of snow has fallen. This is done in order for the city crew to clear snow from the streets. 

Please make an effort to park off the streets during snowy weather to assist the city crew in their work. Snow storms are usually predicted, so when reports indicate that snow is coming, park somewhere else. 

Also, watch and wait for snow removal equipment. There are several people who are helping remove snow in addition to the city crew, and it’s important to watch out for the big equipment so they can do their job. 

Remember that their ultimate goal is to make it easy and safe to get through the streets. For everyone’s safety, please pay attention and slow down for those doing snow removal. 

Also, check the fire hydrants in your neighborhood. If the firemen can’t find them, it costs precious time that could be better spent fighting a fire. 

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