Gettysburg, SD

Petitions filed for county offices, elections for commissioner positions

Petitions were filed for county offices in Potter County last week. Elections will be held to determine who will serve as commissioner in District 1 and in District 5. One will be decided in the primary election in June, while the other candidates will face off in the general election in November.
The petitions filed for each officer are:
Sheriff – Curt Hamburger
Auditor – Shawna Shaw
Register of Deeds – Elaine “Dugger” Storkson
District 1 County Commissioner – Randall Simon (D) and William Frost (R)
District 3 County Commissioner – Bruce Williams
District 5 County Commissioner – Delvin Worth (R) and Karen S. Doerr (R)
Precinct Committee Men: Cory Brown and Justin Cronin
Delegate to State Republican Convention: Larry Eliason
Candidates registered as Independent have until April 29 to file a petition.

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