Gettysburg, SD
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Petitions for school board, info on bond vote

Nomination forms for the Gettysburg School Board may now be circulated. The positions vacated are the result of expired terms of the present representatives.
Two positions on the school board for three year terms will expire. Those incumbents are Matt Cronin and Kevin Geditz. The positions are elected at-large from candidates who live within the Gettysburg School District.
Petitions for the school board are located in the business office at the Gettysburg School. Nomination petitions must be filed by Feb. 22 at 5 p.m. The elections will be held in April.
If a resolution is passed for a bond issue for the high school building project at the February board meeting, the April election will also include a public vote on the bond issue. School board and community meetings have been held for over two years discussing the future of the high school building, and additional meetings will be held throughout the upcoming months to help educate the voters on the need for the school construction.
Watch the News for additional information on upcoming meetings, and see page 2 for details on the options regarding the school.