POD public meeting Friday noon at Gettysburg fire hall

A Point of Dispensing, or POD meeting for the Gettysburg area will be held on Friday, Feb. 1 beginning at noon at the city fire hall. This initial meeting is to help develop a mass vaccination/medication distribution emergency response plan for a community, and is open to anyone in the community who wants to learn more.  

According to JoAnn Paulson, a POD consultant, the Federal and State governments have plans in place to be ready to respond to bioterrorist events or natural disease outbreaks. She said that in SD there are 28 communities identified as POD communities to have plans in place to distribute medications or give vaccinations within 48 hours in an emergency situation.

The meeting Friday is to share this information as well as what is in place already for Potter and Faulk counties.  “I’m hired to build a local group and help update and maintain the local plan,” said Paulson, who also works with communities to test their plans annually.

Please plan for 1.5 hours for this initial meeting.  There will be some pizza available for lunch and those attending are asked to bring their own beverage, or their own lunch if prefered over pizza.

This initial meeting outline is as follows:

I. Introductions- getting to know each other and what is POD

II. Federal Level- Public Health Emergency Preparedness

III. State Level- Public Health Emergency Preparedness

IV. Local Level- Gettysburg Area POD Plan basics

V. Next Steps- Community Readiness

Paulson said that it takes a number of volunteers/staff to lead and work a response. “I encourage everyone and anyone interested to attend.  I work hard to try to make any commitments minimal for the local community for plan updates and exercises, but ultimately in an emergency we need to have a number of people prepared to respond on their own to save lives and prevent illness,” she said. 

For additional information, contact jpaulconsult@gmail.com or text or call 881-9245.

-compiled from JPC press release

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