Friday — County digging out from storm, video tour of town

CLICK HEADLINE TO VIEW VIDEO TOUR OF TOWN — Even though the sky is clear and the sun is shining, travel is still dangerous in some parts of Potter County on Friday, March 15.

The area is digging out from the blizzard, and the highways through Potter County are still closed this morning. While efforts are underway to clear streets, highways, and county roads, the snow is heavy and hard and the drifts are dangerous, so do not try to plow through them in a vehicle.

Be patient and start thinking about where the snow will go when it melts. Temperatures are predicted to rise next week and melting will start soon. In the meantime, be careful on roadways.



2 responses to “Friday — County digging out from storm, video tour of town”

  1. Eileen Krom says:

    Thank you for taking the time to show us around Molly

  2. njmg says:

    Brings back old memories of when I lived in Lebanon. Here in Sun Prairie WIsconsin we had snow like that too this year. Schools and businesses closed some days.
    In February my daughter and I traveled from Wisconsin to Pierre (a 10 hour drive). Snow banks were high, but interstate was completely cleared. We didn’t see any snow coming from the sky until we were on 83 coming into Ft, Pierre and then it snowed for 2 days. We started home ob Tuesday afternoon and again saw no snow coming from the sky. Arrived home around midnight. Got up at 9 am the Wed. and there was a heavy snow coming down. Could not have planned it better. We were there to attend my sisters funeral (Elaine Wagner). We are certain that our Heavenly Father provided the great traveling weather for ous.

    Norma Jean Merrill Gourlie

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