Gettysburg, SD

Pool open after ‘plug pulled’

Kids learned the “hot” way how important it is not to pick at the caulk on the bottom of the pool.
The Gettysburg City Pool was closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, leaving kids hot and dry because of an unexpected pool draining.
A swimmer saw some caulk along the seam at the bottom of the pool right along the four foot level, and pulled out about five feet of the stuff “just like a ripcord” as described by one witness. That revealed about an inch-wide gap that drained the water pretty quickly.
As a result, it emptied about 70,000 gallons of water out of the pool overnight.
The gaps in the pool are caulked every year before the season starts, and pool patrons now understand that it is done to do the important job of keeping the water in the pool!
The pool holds around 130,000 gallons, and more of it had to be drained in order to replace the caulk. It was refilled and open for business by Monday afternoon, as the mercury hit the mid 90s.  The water was nice and cool for swimmers, since it is believed it comes out of the water tower at around 58 degrees. The nearly 100 degree heat that is expected to linger throughout the week will help warm the water, and the pool will be a welcome relief for swimmers.
However, pool and city maintenance staff ask that swimmers please leave the caulk alone while having a fun time cooling off at the pool!
–Molly McRoberts