Potter Co. 4-H Shooting Sports Club 2020 Season Results

The Potter Co. 4-H Shooting Sports Club started their 2020 season with 34 members of which 24 members participated in the BB-Gun Program and 27 members participated in the archery program. During the season, the members participate in 3 different postal matches and the qualifiers attend the State Match held in Ft. Pierre South Dakota the last weekend in April.

Due to Covid 19 the 4-H Shooting Sports Spring Season ended abruptly right before the end of Match 2 postals. The members were able to use postal scores that they shot during the first 3 weeks of Postal 2 qualifying time to enter in that postal. The 2020 state Match that was to be held the end of April was subsequently cancelled also. When it ended, we had 25 members already qualifi ed to attend State. We had 16 entries in BB-Gun and 23 entries in Archery! It was very disappointing end for a season that began so well.

Results for the 2020 Postal matches are as follows:

Postal Match 1 – CWS – Michael Jager-1st place Beg., Logan Kusser-4th place

Beg., Megan Jager-5th place Jr., Cody Simon-1st. place Sr., Abbie Larson, 3rd place Sr, Megan Hermann-5th place Sr.

CWS Team – Sage Hermann, Megan Jager, Dakota Jensen – 1st place Jr. Team., Megan Hermann, Abbie Larson, Cody Simon, Garrett Zeigler – 1st place Sr. Team

RWOS – Damion Johnson-1st place Jr.

Postal Match 2 – CWS – Michael Jager-1st place Beg., Logan Kusser-5th place

Beg., Sage Hermann- 4th place Jr., Cody Simon-1st place Sr., Abbie Larson- 3rd place Sr., Tanner Eide-4th place Sr., Garrett Zeigler-5th place Sr.

CWS Team – Michael Jager, Logan Kusser, Caleb Pribyl – 1st place Beg. Team, Sage Hermann, Megan Jager, Dakota Jensen, TreysonZeigler – 1st place Jr., Bobbi Eide, Jonah Pribyl, DaShawn Rausch – 2nd place Jr., Tanner Eide, Abbie Larson, Cody

Simon, Garrett Zeigler – 1st place Team

RWOS – Logan Kusser-4th place Beg., Damion Johnson-5th place Jr., Abbie Larson- 5th place Sr.

The club was not able to hold their annual Awards and Fun Night. We are hoping that we will be able to hand out the club awards along with postal

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