Potter County continues to see increase

Community spread downgraded to “moderate.”

As South Dakota continues to make national news for an increase in coronavirus numbers, Potter County’s numbers also show an increase in reported recoveries. 

Last week the South Dakota Department of Health recorded a total of 16 cases of the virus in Potter County, with 11 active, five recovered, and four who were hospitalized. As of this Tuesday, the total number of reported cases increased to 25, with 10 active, 15 recovered, and five who were hospitalized. 

The level for community spread in the county has been downgraded from “substantial” to “moderate.” 

With the seasons changing, which often brings other predicted illnesses, people are urged to continue to be vigilant in taking steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands.. Also, it is important to pay attention to possible symptoms; the CDC has added fatigue, congestion, and headache to the list. 

Tests are available for Covid-19 through the Avera Gettysburg Hospital and clinic. It is recommended to call the clinic or hospital first before getting a covid test, and the Avera Hotline has healthcare professionals who will help determine if you are exposed and should be tested. The virus attacks people very differently, and most healthy adults and children may not have a problem. Around 40 percent of the cases reported are asymptomatic, but those can still spread the virus. 

A New Normal Toolkit is available online to help business, schools, and the community protect themselves and others. It can be viewed at www.avera.org/how-to-prepare-for-the-coronavirus-covid-19

If you believe you are having symptoms associated with the coronavirus, call 1-877-At-Avera (1-877-282-8372), or call Avera Medical Group Gettysburg clinic at 605-765-2273.

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