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Intermittent clouds

Public parking at school during events at the gym

School parking for sporting events will now be on the west side of gym and across the street in the city park. Due to construction, entrance to the gym will be on the southwest corner door next to the garage door.
Students who have practice before a game or are attending the event but not participating are asked to park in the city park. Students participating in a home or away event after school hours should park in the lot between the elementary and high school building. The north door by the elementary library/Mr. Smith’s room will be open.
Members of the staff should continue parking on the east and south sides of the elementary building and use their keys to enter.
The hope is that snow will taper off and the city park will work for parking across from the foot bridge. The suggestion is for the safety of those attending games, since the roads behind the school are narrow for parallel parking.
Please be patient during the inconvenience, and remember that it will be well worth the wait when the new school is completed.

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