Ready or not!

Gettysburg gym teacher Mrs. Christy Saltsman braced herself as third grader Taytin Pope (Allen Pope/Mikelyn Westphal) got ready to give her a whip cream pie in the face while school principal Mrs. Wendy Smith and the rest of the elementary students cheered him on. He earned the honor as the student who raised the most money online for the Heart Challenge event held at the Gettysburg school on Thursday, Dec. 19. The students who raised the most money online, including Pope, Kaylyn Pitlick, Jameson Brown, Thomas Penrod, Anastasia Penrod, Eva Johnson, Olli Valdez, Kyley Saltsman, Kea Cronin, Gavin Rausch, Garrett Rausch, Reagan Rausch, Eli Phillips, Nash Fischer, Henley Joachim, Aden Harer, Jackson Simon, and Rance Wager, all got to help duct tape Mrs. Saltsman to the bleachers, with Pope, who raised around $500, getting the honors of putting the pie in her face for raising the most money. See page 8 for more from the event.

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