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Results from Lee Wolf Tourney in Aberdeen

Teams competing at the Lee Wolf tournament in Aberdeen include both A and B schools. Ipswich Leola, I/L; Huron, HUR; Mobridge Pollock, M/P; Chamberlain, CHA; Warner Northwestern, W/NW; Milbank, MIL; Canton, CAN; Watertown, WAT; Winner, WIN; Clark Willow Lake, CWL; Redfield Doland, R/D; Webster, WEB; Sioux Falls O’Gorman, SFOG; unattached, UNA; Aberdeen Central, ABC.
113# Chance Stuwe; win by pin in 1:03 over Colton Weeldreger, I/L; fall to Trent Francomm, HUR; 6-4 decision over Jaden Shepherd, M/P; fall to Spencer Kirkpatrick, CHA; fall to Michael Peltier, W/NW to place 8th.
120# Lucas Smith: 9-5 decision over Jordan Pollack, MIL; fall to Dean Stark, CAN; win by pin in 2:15 over Jake Lopez, CHA; 5-4 decision over Isaac Olson, M/P; fall to Kyle Tulowetzke, WAT; 3-8 loss to Zach Ayers, WIN; to place 6th.
138# Garrett Rausch: win by pin in :48 over Reed Tonak, CWL; fall to Levi Butts, WAT; 10-2 major decision over Jesse Mikrul, HUR; win by pin in 2:51 over Caleb McNeal, R/D; 5-13 loss to Nolan Ritchie, WEB; 6-1 decision over Naham Abebe, SFOG to place 5th.
145# Chris Zuber: fall to Casey Cox, UNA; win by pin in 4:02 over Reed Murray, CAN; 1-9 loss to Alex Marsh I/L.
152# Jesse Wheeler: fall to Grayson Neuharth, ABC; forfeit from Kayleh Brozik, WIN; fall to Kevin Schulke, CWL.
182# Jordan Trujillio: fall to Jake Karber, CWL; fall to Mark Wiley, WEB.
220# JR Belford: fall to Jeremiah Johnson, HUR; fall to Eric Poge, WEB.
Vogel, Schatz and Cronin did not wrestle on Saturday.

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