Right on target…

Boston Brown (Reece and Joey) was right on target to dunk Shi Haupert, who was one of the volunteers at the dunk tank during the carnival fundraiser for Charlie Wolfe. A large crowd came out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon on June 1 to have some fun while raising funds for the 14 year old son of Shanya Goebel, who is in Sioux Falls recovering from a vehicle accident. The carnival in the Gettysburg city park raised over $6,000 to help with expenses for the family. Haupert, who is a member of both the Gettysburg Police Department and Volunteer Fire Department, plugged her nose as she readied herself for a drop in the bucket. She spent a fair amount of time getting dunked, since Chief of Police Dave Mogard purchased a string of tickets to help the cause and encourage young throwers to try their skills at the dunk tank.

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