Gettysburg, SD

School board budget hearing Monday

The Gettysburg School Board meeting will be held at the elementary library on Monday, July 15 starting at 7 p.m. with the budget hearing for the fiscal year 2014 district budget. The proposed budget is published on page 12 of the News this week.
Discussion items on the agenda include a bus barn, approve contracts, sports coop, and approve consolidated App/IDEA flow-through funds applications. The 2012-13 board will adjourn and the organizational meeting of the 2013-14 board will be called to order.
Board officers will be elected and appointments made. Other agenda items include HKG Architects and the new school, publish salaries for personnel, set prices for lunch tickets, athletic events, football parking, activity tickets, and substitute teachers, set mileage rates, fuel bids, electrical rotation, and administrative reports.
The school board meetings are open to the public and those interested are welcome to attend.

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