School moves to Tier Three

As Covid-19 numbers continue to climb, school limits attendance to events

During what some might consider a marathon meeting last week, the Gettysburg School Board made some changes regarding the coronavirus and return to school plan. 

Changes were made for increased mask requirements, close contacts designations, and fan attendance for activities.  

Starting this week, classes have been dismissed at 2:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday to allow teachers to dedicate time to the students who are at home. In a letter sent out by school superintendent Mr. Chip Sundberg, he stated that it has become extremely difficult to teach students both in the classroom and those who are at home due to isolation or quarantine. The hope is that this additional time at the end of the school day will help to better reach students both in the building and at home. 

Classes will continue to be dismissed at the earlier time throughout the semester. Students will also continue to be dismissed at 12:50 on Fridays. 

As far as extra-curricular events go, only parents will be allowed to attend, which is part of the Tier Three protocol recommendations through the SD High School Activities Association. That is determined by the increase of community active cases. The details of the changes are posted with the letters on the school’s website at

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