Gettysburg, SD

School starts Wednesday, Aug. 22

Gettysburg students will start classes for the new school year on Wednesday, Aug. 22.
In Gettysburg, everyone should report to their classrooms by 8:15 a.m. Dismissal for grades Kindergarten through sixth grade will be at 3:23 p.m., with seventh grade through high school ending their school day at 3:29.
Buses will run starting the first day of school, and parents will be notified of the approximate time of pickup and return.
Students will get their first day off school with Labor Day vacation falling on Monday, Sept. 3. Battler Homecoming week in Gettysburg gets underway that week culminating with the parade and football game on Friday, Sept. 17. Homecoming in Hoven will be on Friday, Sept. 28.
It won’t be long now, seniors! Just 269 more days until graduation on May 18!
Hoven students start classes on Thursday, Aug. 23.