School starts with new protocols in place

Students and staff wear masks and take precautions with hand washing and sanitizers to fight the coronavirus

The first day of school looked a little different at Gettysburg his year, as staff and students wore masks as classes got underway last week. 

Everyone entering the building was stopped for a temperature check, and everyone wore a mask or face shield to follow recommended CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Masks will not be required while on the playground or when it is possible to social distance. Desks in classrooms are spread out as far as possible, and classrooms have hand sanitizer dispensers located at the entrance, so students can use it as they enter the classroom. When they entered the classrooms from outside, students lined up to wash their hands before taking their places. 

There are 225 students who started out the school year in Gettysburg, with 100 in the elementary, 55 in the middle school, and 70 in the high school. 

The Covid-19 cases have doubled from two to four recorded cases during the past week in Potter County. According to the SD Department of Health, two cases have recovered, while the remaining two are active, and one required hospitalization. The community spread is reported to be minimal.

See inside for pictures from the first day of school.

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