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Scooters, streets, and band shell discussed at city council meeting

The first order of business at the Gettysburg City Council meeting on July 1 was to give the oath of office to the council’s newest member. Bryan Hause was sworn in as the council member appointed to fill the position vacated in Ward Three until the next election in April.
Donna Davis, Vaughn Larson, and Amy Hartung addressed the council over concern about the water lines going to their properties on east US 212. They said that the water line is not sufficient and the water pressure is very low, citing specific problems encountered at the restaurant, convenience store, and apartments.
Council agreed that a larger main line needs to be put in place, and the businesses will be able to connect to improve their water service. Fire hydrants will also be put in place.
Lyle Wickersham addressed concerns about flooding in the alley and backyard of his home. He put a berm on the edge of the alley that he believed was removed by a neighbor, and he expressed issues he had with the police department regarding the berm. The council advised Wickersham to contact the maintenance department if the flooding issue occurs again.
Chief of Police Bill Wainman gave the police report. He explained the city ordinance regarding fireworks, reported some instances of barking dogs, and said that Anne Robbennolt is painting a sign for the police department building.
The discussion turned to motorized scooters. Chief Wainman explained that when they have a motor, they fall under the category of a motorized vehicle, and even the foot scooters that have a motor are not allowed on the street when driven by unlicensed children. The concern was that the scooters are often hard for other motorists to see and even though Gettysburg is a small town, it is still necessary to follow the rules to keep children safe. The law states that even though it is a small motorized scooter, the driver must be licensed to ride them on the street. He said that no tickets have been issued, but the penalty would go to the parent of the unlicensed minor child driving the motorized scooter.
It was suggested that maybe a program teaching youngsters the proper rules for driving scooters, bicycles, or mopeds could be presented, and Chief Wainman is looking into the “Don’t Thump Your Melon” program.
Security cameras have arrived and will be installed at the pool and city park with recording capability. Signs will be posted that the security surveillance is taking place.
It was asked how the band shell in the park could be reserved for community events. A calendar for schedules will be at the city finance office Monday through Friday, and keys will be available through the police department. The band shell was used for the first time during the car show. Some adjustments will be made to the railing for loading equipment from bands, and a 220 outlet will be installed. Other “kinks” may be worked out as it is used.
Russell Anderson, city maintenance supervisor, reported that the street project will get underway this month; an inspection was done at the rubble site and the city passed; and new playground equipment has arrived for the Little Angels Park behind the hospital.
It was decided by the council to increase the Advance Loading Fees for the ambulance service, which is when a nurse is needed to go along with the patient transfer. The last increase was in 2008, and it was recommended to increase the ALS fees to $425. The basic ambulance transfer was increased last month to $350.
Finance officer Shar Eliason reported that the city recently has undergone a very favorable audit.
The Gettysburg Area Community Foundation asked that utility users have the opportunity to round up their bills in order to donate to the foundation. For example, if the bill is $52.50, it could be rounded it to $53, so the extra money would go to the foundation. The auditor who came in to review the city’s books recommended that it not be done. It would require the city to contact every utility user plus it would be a tremendous amount of paperwork for the city. No action was taken.
Other items discussed by council included:
•EMT testing will be completed this summer, with practical and written done separately. Mileage will be reimbursed for the nearest testing site.
•Eliason reminded that budget requests must be turned in next month.
•The policy manual will be discussed at the next meeting.
•During roundtable, council member Peggy Lehman announced that she will be moving away from Gettysburg and submitted her resignation from the council in Ward One effective the end of July. It will be discussed further at the next meeting, and council thanked her for her service.
The minutes from the meeting are published on page 13 of the News. The meetings are open to the public, and the next meeting will be held on Monday, Aug. 5 at 7 p.m. in the Finance Office.
-Molly McRoberts

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