Gettysburg, SD

Sixth in State…

Hannah Flatt (Kenny and Theresa Goebel) placed sixth out of 118 runners in the State Cross Country meet in Huron on Saturday. The Potter County Battler girls team finished seventh overall at state. The coach is Jessica Larson. Other results from the Oct. 20 event are: 6th Hannah Flatt 16:26:18; 27th Sarah McClure 17:15:48; 66th Emma Weyand 18:14:43; 73rd Shelby Kilian 18:22:08; 79th Delanie Larson 18:31:13. The boys finished 19th as a team, 80th Austin Dutenhoeffer 20:27:31; 81st Reid Kaiser 20:27:46; 83rd Carl Cronin 20:31:56.

Photo by Lori Kaiser