Spring water “river” through Gettysburg

The spring melt is underway and on Wednesday, March 27, just two weeks after a spring blizzard hit the county, the water started to run through Gettysburg. Each year, Mannston Street floods when the water from the north side of town breaks loose, and this year was no exception. With all the snow left from the storm, the water runoff is expected to last a little longer this year, but here is a tour as the water hit the streets this week.

If you missed the snow tour, you can click on the link below.

Friday — County digging out from storm, video tour of town

3 responses to “Spring water “river” through Gettysburg”

  1. Eileen Krom says:

    Thanks Molly Love your around town tours!

  2. Fran VanBockel says:

    Wow!! Nice tour, thanks!
    Fran Vb

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