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State’s Attorney candidate profiles

During Tuesday’s Primary Election, Republican voters in Potter County will select the State’s Attorney. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5. Polling places are located at the Legion Community Building in Gettysburg and the Legion Hall in Hoven. A new method of voting, using electronic pollbooks, will eliminate the need for voters to cast their ballot in a specific precinct. Voters are asked to show their drivers license to vote. If no photo ID drivers license is available, a personal ID form can be filed. Republican voters in District Two near Hoven will choose a County Commissioner on Tuesday. All voters, regardless of political party, will decide whether to opt out of the tax levy to repair County Road #155. This is the first time in 12 years that an election has been held for the Potter County State¹s Attorney position. Three candidates are seeking the job, including Sarah Larson, Joan Powell, and incumbent Craig Smith. Last week, questions were sent to each of the candidates. No restrictions were placed on the answers. Here are those answers, unedited, in the order they were received at the News.

Name: Sarah Lynn (Williamson) LarsonFamily: I share my home with my loving husband, Michael, and our beautifulfirecracker of a daughter, Quinn, age 10 months.Current occupation? I work full time as an Attorney and Certified Abstractorat Houck Law Office and Potter County Land and Abstract Company inGettysburg.How long have you been a resident of Potter County? Almost three yearsWhat is the reason you decided to run for this office? Since I have lived inPotter County, this community has been very vocal about the need for anhonest, fair, consistent, and efficient State¹s Attorney. The State¹sAttorney should be someone you trust and count on to enforce justice. Ihave had people ask me if I can help them with criminal matters that theyfeel they cannot go to our current State¹s Attorney with for fear of bias,ignorance, or another major issue, and I cannot ignore their requests for animprovement. I can meet that need and improve what cases are taken on andthe manner in which they are handled.What experience/strengths do you have that would make you a good State¹sAttorney? I know that some people think or have been told that three yearsof general law practice is not enough experience for this job, and Iencourage them to really think about that idea and dismiss it. Numerouscounties throughout the state are served by State¹s Attorneys who get thejob right out of law school. Mr. Smith was that young man himself a numberof years ago.As a young lawyer, I have the advantage of having the lessons of law school³fresh on my mind.² Because I am not originally from Potter County, I canrepresent people without bias toward certain families or relationships. Theexperience I have in defense work will only help me when working cases froma prosecutorial perspective.What areas of law have typically been the concentrations of your lawpractice/experience? One great advantage of working as an attorney in arural area is the ability to work in several different areas of the law. Ihandle almost all family law and criminal law matters that come through ouroffice. I also work on business formation, land transactions, contract law,estate planning, and pro bono cases.What are some ways you could lower expenses in the office you seek? Mainly,efficiency. I currently receive several complaints that cases drag on andon for no reason. Inefficiency costs our county on several levels ­ staff¹stime, more time logged for court-appointed attorneys, and unnecessaryrepetitive visits to court. One of my opponents has publicized that shecould not operate the Office of the State¹s Attorney under the currentbudget allotted by the county. That should scare people. It is possible toaccomplish the duties of the State¹s Attorney effectively without bringingevery case to trial, wasting the time of our judicial system, and emptyingtaxpayers¹ pockets.What do you think is good/bad about the Potter County State¹s Attorneyoffice? Naturally, it is not an office for making friends. People makemistakes, and the State¹s Attorney is required to enforce the law, even ifthe criminal is your neighbor. However, I think sometimes our currentState¹s Attorney¹s office lacks firmness with the law. Keeping a consistentlevel of decisiveness is important in order to enforce the law fairly.On the positive side, the office gets to do the admirable job of trying tokeep criminals off the street. I also think the staff does a great job ofdrafting pleadings and correspondence.What were the most important cases you had as a lawyer and why did you takethe position you did in those cases? The most important case I worked on onbehalf of the state was my winning Supreme Court case that kept a rapist inprison. When I worked in corporate law, I helped represent the company in a20 million dollar lawsuit regarding electrical transmission. I took theposition I did in those cases because my job was to represent the entity Iworked for, and I strongly believed in what I was doing.Please describe one instance in which you faced an ethical dilemma and howyou resolved it. Our office practices active prevention of ethical dilemmasas much as we are able. I have had a couple instances when I was asked torepresent a prospective opponent of a current client, and I had to turn thecase down because of a conflict of interest. Thankfully, that is the extentof my experience with ethical issues.What do you think the office of the State¹s Attorney needs? Change. Myslogan throughout this campaign has been fairness and efficiency. Fairnessmeans representing the laws of this state in an honest, consistent, andunbiased manner. Efficiency means preventing delays, not wasting the timeof the judiciary, and handling cases when they come up.Why do you want to be a prosecutor? When I worked for the Attorney General¹soffice, I appealed to the Supreme Court to keep a 31-year-old teacher inprison for seducing three 15-year-old students into his home and rapingthem. One of the cases I used to win the appeal was that of a man whomolested children just a few houses away from the house I grew up in.Winning that appeal felt incredible, as it was both a personal andprofessional triumph. It is a very fulfilling feeling to work as anadvocate of the law, and I have known for several years that I want to workas a prosecutor. I believe that passion will only serve to benefit PotterCounty in the way I advocate for the rights of our citizens.What sets you apart from the other candidates? My youthful passion for thisjob, for the well-being of this county, and my fresh perspective on the law.What I¹ve heard from my opponents is they deserve this position because oftheir experience. However, when Mr. Smith started this job he had far lessexperience than I currently have. It also seems that Ms. Powell¹sexperience has little to do with this position. Most importantly, havingexperience doesn¹t necessarily mean the job was well done.The work I have done thus far in my legal career has been praised by ourSupreme Court Chief Justice, former Attorney General, and several veteranlawyers who have recommended my work or offered me jobs. I offerintellectual excellence, energy, and enthusiasm that are unmatched by myopponents.What has been your greatest accomplishment in your legal career? In yourpersonal life? My greatest accomplishments are not necessarily what give methe greatest fulfillment. My greatest accomplishment is probably winning atthe Supreme Court level. The greatest fulfillment comes from the everydaysituations like helping an elderly woman who was the victim of a financialpredator, or sitting beside a loyal client on his death bed to make sure hisfamily is taken care of before he passes.Personally, I am proud of my several academic and research awards, of thefulfillment I have received from volunteering, and of finishing a halfmarathon and winning a couple 5K races.Tell us something we would be surprised to learn about you. I beg my husbandon a monthly basis to buy me some cows!Anything else? I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who have supported meand my campaign by speaking to others about their support of me and bysending unexpected donations and invaluable words of encouragement. I feelso blessed. This election will have a great impact on our county, and Istrongly encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote.

Name: Joan Elayne PowellFamily: My parents were Howard and Bea Powell, and I grew up in Pierre,South Dakota. My folks owned Powell Supply Company, which was a plumbingand heating wholesale house in Pierre. My mother was a stay-at-home mom,and kept the books for the family company. She was the church pianist forResurrection Lutheran Church, and very, very Swedish. Her familyhomesteaded and ranched in central Nebraska in the 1800s. My father wasfrom South Carolina where his father was in the grocery business. They metin Washington D.C. at the end of WWII, and eventually settled in Pierre. Igrew up in Pierre by the river during the years that the Oahe Dam was beingbuilt. I have two daughters, Lori Blake and Ollie Nauman. Lori is afinance officer for General Electric Finance in Rapid City. She is marriedto Steve Blake, who is a managing supervisor for Lamar Advertising of SouthDakota. They have two kids (my grandchildren), Cole, age 9, and Allie, age2. My youngest daughter Ollie lives in Gettysburg, where she makes her homewith Jared Lower, and grandpa Gerry Peters. Ollie is a Certified NursingAssistant, and helps Jared with Gerry¹s personal care after his accidentlast fall, and also works for Sutton Bay Resort. Jared is a farmer, andalso works for Paul Oberlitner.Current occupation? Attorney at Law. Business owner.How long have you been a resident of Potter County? Since 1977. I went tocollege 1981 through 1989 receiving degrees in Political Science andBusiness Administration, and a Doctorate in Law. I lived in SouthCarolina, my father¹s home-state, for three years to get a jump-start on mytrial experience, and moved back to Gettysburg in 1993 to the same houseI¹ve had since 1977. While I¹ve often had more than one place to livebecause of work and ranching, Gettysburg has been my homeplace for more than30 years. What is the reason you decided to run for this office? It¹s time. Mychildren are grown, and I have the time and energy to offer my personal andprofessional experience as an asset to Potter County and the people who livehere. Sometimes when the same people make decisions for us year after yearafter year, it is forgotten that new ideas and a fresh look at things can bevery energizing. Now is the time to open the windows, and let the processof discussion about various topics and issues begin in a fresh and openmanner.What experience/strengths do you have that would make you a good State¹sAttorney? I have been a trial attorney for 23 years, and with that, I¹vebeen in charge of county legal departments, owned my own businesses, andwritten my own grants to fund this work. I have hands-on experience beingchief attorney in county legal services offices, and have a workingknowledge of what it takes to fund county projects and services. I haveyears of experience in the area of family law, and even before law school, Iwas active in domestic violence protection organizations as a crisiscounselor for victims of crime, and served as state chairperson for the SDCoalition Against Domestic Violence for many years. I have a full range ofexperience, both in the courtroom and out, that gives me an approachableand common-sense view of people and the problems they face as individuals,and how to address various issues in the context of county government.What areas of law have typically been the concentrations of your lawpractice/experience? (1) Criminal law primarily. (2) Then Family law,including protection orders and protection from abuse cases, adoptions,custody, divorce and victim and children¹s rights cases. (3) Business law,including bankruptcy, and business planning and development. While familyand abuse cases are stereotypically considered ³women¹s² issues, fully halfor more of my client base has been representing men in abuse and custodysituations, so my case work in those areas have been evaluated from equalperspective‹plaintiff, defendant, male, female. Each case depends upon thefacts, not upon any ³cause² for or against any ideological topic or area oflaw. What are some ways you could lower expenses in the office you seek? In theinterest of full disclosure, when people talk about saving the county money,they are really talking about limiting or refusing services, cutting back onroad maintenance and development, denying governmental support for newbusinesses and economic development, suing people for county liens andassistance, or granting/denying approval for things on a selective basis.Another way is to stay out of sight and out of mind, figuratively speaking.Simply put, approaching the issue of money from a position of lack andscarcity, and cronyism sounds very negative to me.But what if we change the question, i.e., change the way you look at andapproach the issue of money, and you bring new answers and new solutions tothe table. Instead of talking about lack, and limitations, and giving a 100 boringreasons why something can not happen, or will not work, or why we can¹tafford it, we should be talking about opportunity, and opening doors andminds to asking instead, ³what needs to be done to make this happen; whatneeds to be done to make this work; what needs to be done to afford thisXYZ². Anyone can eke out an existence with a dismal budget, or just say³no² to everything that comes along, but it takes vision and courage, extraeffort, and an open mind to turn the question around.Here is how my mind operates: The definition of limitation is ³any real orimaginary point, beyond which a person or thing cannot go². In my mind,nearly every limitation is imaginary, so, if you present me with a problem,state a need, or a define a project or a goal, my mind will automati callywork on a solution that is founded from a position of ³yes², and next, ³whatneeds to be done to get this done², and next, get up and go do it! That¹show my mind thinks. Always. It¹s part of my DNA.Since money is the basis of this question, instead of thinking about ways tohold back, I¹m thinking of ways to expand and increase the money available,expand the benefits and services the county is responsible for, and expandthe horizon of possibilities that people may want or need from their countygovernment. One way to do that is to apply for grants, and make it part ofthe job description of the Potter County States Attorney. That is somethingI can do immediately, and have experience to follow through.Other ways to ³lower the expenses² of the State¹s Attorney, and something Ican also do on an immediate basis are:1. Use the office space available in the courthouse, as opposed to payingrent on someone else¹s private building.2. Manage prosecutions in a way that eliminates questionable cases.3. Where appropriate, recommend penalties in criminal cases that allowpeople to work off their court appointed attorney fees and fines by doingwork normally hired out, instead of suing the very people we¹re obligated bylaw to assist.4. Suggest ways that the Commissioners can say ³yes² to requests, when ³yes²means an increase in county receipts if applied uniformly across the boardin areas of business development.5. Spend some time at Commissioner meetings to invite the public in fortheir ideas, and then help implement those ideas. I don¹t have all theanswers alone, but together, we can make a difference.Change the way you look at a question, and you move our county from ³cityhall² mentality where it¹s hard to get anything started, to an trulyextraordinary place, friendly for business and land owners, and responsiveto the needs of the citizens at exceptional levels.What do you think is good/bad about the Potter County State¹s Attorneyoffice? In general, a State¹s Attorney in any county is what the personelected makes of it. People naturally have their own agendas‹all of us.Don¹t kid yourself. Some may use the office to their own financialadvantage. Others might desire to fight crime and punish criminals. Anothermight use it to put another star on their resume, or treat it like any othergovernment job. Still another might use it as a platform for some kind ofchange. I¹m of the last variety. I believe that the State¹s Attorney¹s office canbe more than just a prosecutor¹s office. As the legal advisor for thecounty on all issues, the State¹s Attorney¹s office is in a unique positionto advise people (whether it be the Commissioners, or an individual with anidea or project) on how to get something done, as opposed to being animpediment to anyone with a new idea, a new business, or special project.Going to a Commissioner¹s meeting shouldn¹t be like fighting city hall, andwe shouldn¹t have to worry who is scratching whose back. We don¹t have toaccept that as a natural part of life because it doesn¹t have to be.Together, we can be better than that.Every person¹s ideas, and every person with a desire to participate in theirown government should be not only encouraged, but be made welcome, AND,expect results. There are grants out there for everything from roadconstruction, business development, juvenile and children¹s educationalprograms, law enforcement, poor relief and assistance grants‹you name it.But if you don¹t have anyone on board to write the grant, or that doesn¹tthink it¹s their ³job², then there¹s no one to assist you in coming up withways to make a project or an idea work, and nothing happens. We becomeaverage. And I¹m not talking about my ideas for change and growth‹I¹mtalking about yours. I¹m a lawyer. If I don¹t get a favorable responsefrom the county commissioners, I¹ll find another way to accomplish my goals,but what about the average individual without a law degree or willingness tofight city hall? They are screwed, unless, they have someone sitting ingovernment that is willing to listen, and then help.What were the most important cases you had as a lawyer and why did you takethe position you did in
those cases? The most important types of cases I¹vehandled have been felony criminal cases. I¹ve handled literally thousandsof criminal cases in my career. Two of my felony trials were in PotterCounty, and I won both trials. I took the position I did on those cases,and many others, based on truth and the innocence of my client. As adefense attorney, I¹ve represented a lot of bad actors, but even then, thegoal has been to present the truth in a manner that is fair to both thedefendant, and the judge, who ultimately decides their fate in order toprotect the public. Sometimes the only thing you can do for a client isdamage control. I have dozens of trial stories, each with its own issue andlevel of excitement, drama, and human interest, but it¹s the feeling ofdoing God¹s work, in exposing the truth with honesty and skill that makestrial work so rewarding. That doesn¹t come easy, and it doesn¹t come frombeing on one side of the table or the other. I¹d be the same way if I wereresponsible for putting a guilty person in prison. It comes from havingthe guts to stand up for what you believe in, to help another human being dothe same thing in their time of conflict, and knowing with 1000% certaintythat it¹s the right thing to do.Please describe one instance in which you faced an ethical dilemma and howyou resolved it. The first day of law school. Orientation day was filledwith speakers telling all the new law students what to expect from lawschool, and the practice of law in general. The very first speaker walkedup to the podium and you could tell in an instant that he was from SiouxFalls. He was well financed. Extremely well dressed. Moved like a cat.Spoke like a well-written book. He was definitely accomplished. Then heproceeded to tell us that we were going to be taught to act like lawyers,think like lawyers, and learn a ³new ethics² to succeed in the practice oflaw. Then he said something that hit me like a brick for some reason. Hesaid, ³Forget what you learned in Sunday school. We are going to change youinto . . . .². I don¹t know why this hit me the way it did, but I thoughtto myself, ³Hell you will, you slick b——², and I wasn¹t quite asimpressed with him anymore. In fact, I kind of felt sorry for him. I madea decision right then and there that neither my soul nor my childhoodteachings, forged by my imperfect wonderful parents and teachers, were forsale. I wasn¹t for sale then. I¹m not for sale now. I¹m a simple personwho goes back to the basics to answer questions concerning how to treatpeople and how to react to different situations. Every ethical questionstarts with something very simple, and who you are inside. One step at atime, and one person at a time.What do you think the office of the State¹s Attorney needs?1. Expanded and defined job description so people know what the State¹sAttorney is expected to do for the salary being paid, and publicinvolvement in evaluating performance and results concerning thoseresponsibilities.2. Transparency regarding legal opinions given to the Commissioners onpublic issues. Some issues are appropriate for executive session meetingsbehind closed doors such as personnel matters. However, where an issueinvolves the public, what¹s the big secret unless there¹s something youdon¹t want someone to know about? The law should be explained fully, fromall perspectives, in simple terms, and be made available for opendiscussion. Then people can decide for themselves whether any particulardecision or controversy is being handled fairly and appropriately, and whatalternatives might be available.3. Going beyond the bullet-points in public notices on the courthouse door,and the blinding fine-print legal notices in the newspaper to inform thepublic regarding county business and decisions. I¹d like to see a regularmonthly report or newsletter from the State¹s Attorney¹s office, written inplain English, published in the newspaper or on a website, so that everybodyhas a chance to participate and voice their opinion regarding what¹shappening in our county and local government.Why do you want to be a prosecutor? The State¹s Attorney is supposed to bemore than a prosecutor. I want to encourage full disclosure andtransparency in our local government, which is friendly and responsive tocommunity involvement.What sets you apart from the other candidates? I¹m approachable. Plus,99% of what I talk about is doing something to benefit you specifically, andopen doors for you specifically, and not in stiff political speeches about³service to my community² language that only serves to make me lookwonderful. I care about making our local government human and interactiveand responsive.I have more trial experience than either of the other candidates, and abroader spectrum of professional work experience to bring to the table. Ihave grant-writing experience that can take us beyond the bare minimum, to aplace of opportunity, growth and learning.I have almost no conflicts of interest regarding county business or thespecial interests of any particular person, group, or family member. Thatmakes me uniquely qualified to give independent advice, and make fair,reasoned decisions without questions or uncertainty about family, client, orother outside influences or control.What has been your greatest accomplishment in your legal career? In yourpersonal life? The greatest accomplishment in my personal life has been theprocess of learning how to turn an adversity or a problem, into a solutionand a positive course of living and opportunity for growth. It¹s an ongoingprocess for everybody I think. Turning chaos and controversy into a stateof resolution and peace is what I try to do personally and professionally,for and with every person I meet, with every client, every family member,every issue. I am not a materialistic person. I care about people, andhaving a sense of security around me. I have an entire resume and wall fullof awards and achievements and diplomas. Who cares. When I can makesomeone else feel important and that they matter in this world, that is mygreatest contribution.Tell us something we would be surprised to learn about you. I know how topreg-check cattle. I rode a horse the entire distance, some 220 miles,from Ft. Pierre to Deadwood South Dakota in 17 days about 4 years ago. Andmy ex-husbands are still living.Anything else? (No response)

Name: Craig E SmithFamily: My wife, Monie and I have been married 37 years. We have threesons. Our son Erik lives in Gettysburg, Joel and his wife Amanda live inPittsburgh and Alex and his fiancée Jenna live in Sioux Falls.Current occupation? Potter County States Attorney and general practice oflaw–Neumayr and Smith law officeHow long have you been a resident of Potter County? All my lifeWhat is the reason you decided to run for this office? I love my job! I amthe current state¹s attorney and I am committed to doing a good job forPotter County and its citizens. My many years of experience, knowledge ofall areas of the law and ability to work with other elected officials allowsme to offer the people of Potter County sound legal judgment in a costeffective manner. Most importantly, I can and will make a difference.What experience/strengths do you have that would make you a good State¹sAttorney? I have been doing the job for thirty years. My general lawpractice includes business law, income tax preparation, civil litigation,bankruptcy court, oral argument and appeals to South Dakota Supreme Courtand Federal Appeals Court, and administrative hearings. I have representedfarmers, ranchers, schools, towns, a hospital, small businesses, seniorcitizens and children in my general law practice. Criminal law is just partof the job. The state¹s attorney also advises the county officials for allcounty business matters. It is an equally important part of the job. Thisbackground gives me insight and experience to best serve Potter County.What areas of law have typically been the concentrations of your lawpractice/experience? (No response)What are some ways you could lower expenses in the office you seek? Iunderstand the budget is funded by the taxpayers and there is a need forefficiency. The current budget is very similar to the budget for SullyCounty and Faulk County except Faulk County does not provide healthinsurance. Both counties are comparable in needs and population to PotterCounty. I have prepared more than thirty annual budgets that requiredapproval by the county commissioners. I have never been told the budget isexcessive and requires a cut. The cost of health insurance today is tentimes higher than in my 1985 budget request. The reimbursements for rent andpart time secretarial wages were established prior to submitting my firstbudget. The only time the budget has been supplemented was for courtappointed attorney fees for defense attorneys. Those fees are approved bythe judge. In April and May the court ordered $7115 in fees to be paid andthat comes out of the state¹s attorney budget. The budget includes basicservices. The county has an obligation to provide office space. Ourcourtroom is not accessible for the handicapped and the judge has used thelibrary at my office when necessary for handicapped witnesses or defendants.I have been available at all times to provide legal services includingsearch warrants and emergency mental commitments. My experienced paralegalsare able to immediately answer phone calls and assist me. It takes officeresources, computers, fax machine, access to computer research, and phonesto provide timely legal services. This is a part time job requiring a fulltime commitment and my past record reflects my commitment to the job.What do you think is good/bad about the Potter County State¹s Attorneyoffice? The office serves and protects the people. Those committing crimesare held accountable for their conduct. The office needs to provide soundlegal advice to all county officials. In addition the office provides thecitizens of the county an attorney to make sure county officials follow thelaws such as bidding on public works and open meetings.What were the most important cases you had as a lawyer and why did you takethe position you did in those cases? The most important case is the nextcase that comes into the states¹ attorney office. As state¹s attorney Irepresent the State of South Dakota and have the duty to prosecute allviolations of criminal law. Most crimes have victims and for the defendantand victim their case is the most important. It should be. Whether thecrime is a misdemeanor or serious felony no case is more or less important.It deserves prompt attention, review and action. When someone has sexuallyabused children I have prosecuted. When bars have served alcohol to minorsI have prosecuted. When a person has been beaten or assaulted I haveprosecuted the defendant. When necessary I have asked for restitution forthe victim. Every case is important when you are the state¹s attorney.Please describe one instance in which you faced an ethical dilemma and howyou resolved it. Attorneys have a code of professional responsibility. Todisclose an incident with any significant details would violate theconfidentiality of the client. I take my ethical duties and obligations veryseriously. I have maintained a good relationship with area state¹s attorneyand when I have a conflict of interest I refer the case to them to prosecutewithout any further input from me. They do not charge attorney fees to thecounty and I will take their conflict cases at no charge. Some felony casesand investigations can be referred to the Attorney General¹s office. Whenethical questions arise, I review the rules and I can ask for an opinionfrom the ethics board. When I received information that former Sheriff Minerwas possibly using county funds illegally, I referred the investigation andsubsequent prosecution to the Attorney General¹s office and Department ofCriminal Investigation. The referral was made because I had to continue myworking relationship with him pending the results of the investigation ofhim.What do you think the office of the State¹s Attorney needs? A person withproven interpersonal skills-being able to work and deal with people, goodadministrator, persistence and perseverance, demonstrates civility, aninnovative leader, discretion, able to make decisions that have a profoundeffect on the lives of people, getting the job done in a cost effectivemanner and trustworthy. It requires fairness and a great deal of commonsense. I am the right choice to continue as Potter County State¹s Attorney.Why do you want to be a prosecutor? I am a prosecutor and doing a good job.Prosecuting crimes is an important part of the state¹s attorney job. I knowI can make a difference. It is a challenging job and legal decisions arenot always popular decisions. In spousal or other abusive situations it hasto be decided how to proceed, that is: counseling, protection or criminalprosecution, keeping in mind what is best for the abused person and publicunder all circumstances. When a juvenile is out of control, I meet with thefamily and often the juvenile to determine what is best for the juvenile aswell as the public. What is another reason I want to be a prosecutor? It isthe satisfaction of receiving a letter several years after a case has beencompleted from a sexually abused person thanking you for saving her fromfurther abuse or juveniles thanking you for doing what you did as aprosecutor that allowed them to turn their life around. A prosecutor is notmerely to seek a conviction, but to seek justice.What sets you apart from the other candidates? I have a proven record ofservice to Potter County. I have a diverse general law practice that allowsme to utilize that experience to be the attorney to advise the county onall business issues that include: employment law, competitive biddingprocedures and disputes, hospital poor lien claims against the county,drafting and reviewing contracts and representing the county in civillawsuits when required. I have trial and administrative hearing experience,filed State Supreme Court Appeals. I have worked with seven sheriffs andknow what it takes to investigate and put together a case and work with thesheriff to enforce the criminal laws and respect their duties of office. Ihave established contacts and good working relationships with courtpersonnel, social services, counselors, safe homes and victims assistancegroups. The state¹s attorney has the final decision on a case but it is ateam effort.What has been your greatest accomplishment in your legal career? Providingcomplete legal services to a rural area on a daily basis. My ad in thepaper several weeks ago listed accomplishments that helped the county andcommunity. In your personal life? My familyTell us something we would be surprised to learn about you. I enjoy cookingAnything else? I enjoyed visiting with those of you that were at home during my door to door campaign in Hoven, Lebanon, Tolstoy and Gettysburgand rural homes. I appreciated your kind words of support. My goal was tovisit with all eligible voters. This is an important election for ourcounty. I believe all my experiences make me the right choice for PotterCounty State¹s Attorney. Let my experience work for you. I am asking foryour vote in the Republican Primary Tuesday June 5th. Make your vote count! Thank you!