Surprised at support for confederate flag

Dear Gettysburg City Council, Mayor and Police Chief:

I am surprised to learn that just since 2009, Gettysburg, SD has had a confederate flag in it’s police emblem worn by officers, and that when a resident of Gettysburg requested its removal, the request was denied by the city council, the mayor and perhaps others in leadership positions.

I wonder, “Why did these civic leaders come to such a puzzling conclusion?”  I read that it was because the confederate flag represents a few of Gettysburg’s founders. But it should be noted that in reality, no matter what else, the confederate flag always represents evil, white supremacy, slavery and a civil war resulting in over 600,000 American lives.   I’m sure your leadership took this into account when making the decision.

So I wonder, “Does Gettysburg have no other history to replace the confederate flag on the police emblem that the citizens can be proud of that doesn’t stand for such hateful, in-humane, racist, non-Christian values?”  The confederate flag seems like such a contradictory image on an emblem for a tax-payer supported, city department whose priority is to “protect and serve.”  After all, even NASCAR got rid of the confederate flag, as did the South Carolina capitol, but not Gettysburg.

So I wonder, “Where does the religious community of Gettysburg stand on this?  What do Gettysburg’s leaders want the local children to believe?”

As a visitor passing through Gettysburg, if I saw the current emblem, not knowing much about Gettysburg, my first impression about your police department and therefore your entire town would be that you are all racists, and that may be the case, so I’ll stay clear.  But if the citizens of Gettysburg would rather have a different reputation, I encourage you to rethink this decision on your emblem and be on the right side of history.


Elaine Kaufman

Former South Dakotan

Sylmar, Ca.


3 responses to “Surprised at support for confederate flag”

  1. I’m from Minnesota and read about the police having the stars and bars flag on their uniforms. I am a veteran of the 9th infantry and took an oath to defend and protect the constitution with my life against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic! The confederate flag is a flag of treason! It belongs in a museum.

  2. Bill Miller says:

    The Battle of Gettysburg was fought to free slaves and was a decisive victory for freedom. Are we now to assume the confederate army didn’t participate?

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