Gettysburg, SD

Swerve to miss bird left vehicle totalled in ditch

A swerve and a miss landed two Minnesotans in the ditch last Thursday evening.
Adrian Cruz, 33, of St. Paul, MN was driving east on US Hwy 212 on Thursday, July 26 with a passenger about four miles east of Lebanon. According to Potter County Sheriff Curt Hamburger, around 6:25, the driver swerved to miss a pheasant, and rolled the vehicle at least once. Ambulance and fire crews from Gettysburg and the Lebanon Fire Department responded to the emergency call. The driver and passenger, 45 year old Robin Steele, also of St. Paul, were both transported to the hospital in Gettysburg where they were treated and released.
The vehicle speed was around 53 mph at the time of the accident, and seat belts were worn.
The 2006 Toyota 4 door vehicle was totalled.
Sheriff Hamburger also stresses the importance of pulling over when you hear sirens or see an emergency vehicle. “Travelers did not do this when we were responding to this accident,” he said, and that has been the case more frequently when emergency crews are in a rush. “We will be cracking down on the ‘move over law,’” he said. “Please pull over and let the emergency vehicles safely pass.”
–Molly McRoberts