Take care

Businesses are taking steps to ensure the safety of both customers and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. A clear barrier has been put in place at checkout counters to help with social distancing, and some have also put markings on the store floors to help with the flow of traffic and encourage a safe spread between customers. Staff members Sue Stefano and Mike Sanders wore masks while helping customers check out at Langer’s Family Foods in Gettysburg last week. While businesses all across town remain open to help the community with essentials, if you are looking for a specific item, it is good to call ahead to the business to see if it is available, in order to minimize time shopping in the stores. Curb side delivery is available as many businesses expand to find more and safer ways to serve the community, so call ahead if you need assistance. Some businesses are setting up pick-up stations inside the door, and others offer masks to customers as they enter. If you are feeling ill, do not enter any public business and call the clinic to discuss your symptoms. Stay well and do what you can to keep those around you healthy, too. 

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