Talking turkey…

Students in Mrs. Crissy Bieber’s kindergarten class made turkey puppets as part of a Thanksgiving project. The gobblers were made as friends for Tom the Turkey, who hides out in their classroom each year to avoid becoming anyone’s Thanksgiving dinner.  The students pictured are (back row, l to r) Liam Lehman (Aime and Casey), Chase Phillips (Cyle and Vanessa), Logan Kusser (Kyle and Madee), Max Williams (Julie and Nathanael), Heath Luikens (Mandy Luikens/Joel Luikens). Next row: Skyler Oster (Alycia and Justin), Jaycee Stevens (Tracy and Shane), Jaxson Soerries (Ashton Telkamp). Next row: Jude Holzwarth (Harley Flad/Jamie Holzwarth), Beckham McPeck (Jordan and Adam), Ethan Nagel (Bridget and Jason). Second row: Asher Clark (Kaylei and Mike), Peyton Ahlemeier (Trish and Scott), Zoe Harnois (Allison and Jason Griese/Tom Harnois), Anastasia Penrod (Stacey and Justin), Declan Morin (Tember Johnson). Front row: Paden Flad (Rose and Scott), Jessica Nadgwick (Cheryl and Tom).

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