Talking turkey…

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Crissy Bieber’s class are getting ready for Thanksgiving by making turkey puppets. The gobblers were made as friends for Tom the Turkey, who hides out in their classroom each year to avoid becoming anyone’s Thanksgiving dinner.  The students pictured are (back row, l to r) Rowan Brown (Joey and Reece), Kea Cronin (Deb and Justin), Thomas Williams (Julie and Nathanael), Carson Kilian (Teresa and Kevin), Cashton Rausch (Erika and Chad), and Cooper Nelson (Tami and Erik). Third row: Aliya Lower (Megan Lower/Dustin Lower), Eva Johnson (Lacey and Kenny), Leah Larson (Sarah and Michael), Aden Harer (Carrie and Darrick), and Rayson Sheehan (Kim and Scott). Second row: Kyley Saltsman (Christy and Brad), Ariel Lemler (Amanda and Ryder), Jayla Osier (Deb and Kelly), and Gavin Rausch (Cari and AJ). Front row: Dean Quiett (Lisa and Scott), Daniel Lake (Margot and Ryan), Emily Oaks (Heather and Marty), and Jessica Nadgwick (Cheryl and Tom)

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