Gettysburg, SD

Temporary support in place at Avera Oahe Manor

Temporary support is in place in the area where heavy rains recently caused the collapse of a section of basement wall under Avera Oahe Manor in Gettysburg.
The collapse was not located near resident rooms. Four residents with living quarters close to the construction area were initially relocated to other sections of the building. All have since returned to their rooms. Avera Oahe Manor houses 47 residents.
The affected section is under the portion of the building which provides support services to Avera Gettysburg Hospital and Avera Oahe Manor. Architects and engineers are back on site this week to develop and begin work on a permanent fix.
“Our focus, as always, is to ensure our residents’ safety,” said Mark Schmidt, Executive Director, Avera Gettysburg Hospital. “Each one continues to be safe and sound, which will remain our primary concern as we move forward to permanently repair the foundation.”

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