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A group of fellows having coffee asked me what the meaning is from the different sirens, or as I’ve always called it, the whistle.

Our whistle has different jobs. Most often, it keeps us organized by letting us know when to take a lunch break. That is a short siren, and when the sun is shining (or you’re hungry) it’s pretty easy to know if it is the noon whistle.

The next most common is to call the emergency crews out with the fire whistle. That swaps pitches, making a sound that waves up and down. When you hear that, get off the street and up onto the curb — the fire fighters are on their way!

The third is the storm siren, which is a long, steady blast and is most often connected with a tornado. Again, pay attention to what the weather looks like when you hear that, and take cover.


I was made aware of what appears to be a new driver’s license issue. When applying for a renewal of your driver’s license, you must list your political party affiliation on the portion of the form that allows voter registration.

This needs to be done regardless of whether or not you have already registered. If you don’t, your political party affiliation will be removed from your voter registration — without notice given to you. It will go to the county auditor, though. That means you’ll be removed from the voter list.

While you all know my feelings on anything that limits voting rights, this info is being offered to help limit problems as you go to the polls this year. Check your registration through the Secretary of State website at sdsos.gov and if you are not listed, contact the Potter County Auditor’s Office and get ready to vote!


In our line of work we do our very best to respect copyrights, and with the big football game on Sunday we have to be extra careful.

I got a charge out of it when I saw a comedian talking about the game who said a shift of a consonant would make it a typo, yet still recognized by the readers.

It looked like something we might have read in our paper…

So, get set to cheer for your team on Superb Owl Sunday!

I hope they win!

Take care.

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