Town of Lebanon held regular meeting April 8

Unapproved minutes 

Lebanon Town 

Board meeting 

April 8, 2019.

Monthly town board meeting was called to order by President James McRoberts at 7pm. Present were board members Lembke, McRoberts, Simon, and Trudo. Absent Kilian.  Also present were Jim Lembke, Hazel McRoberts, Steve Smith, Janice Oaks, Royce Simon, Connie Kiernan, and Jenny Trudo.

After the meeting was called to order finance officer played a phone message recording from Pat Kilian which informed the board and residents that she would be resigning effective immediately. Pat has been dealing with health issues and will be moving to Gettysburg and living there indefinitely. This will deem an opening on the board for a trustee. If any registered resident of Lebanon would like to be appointed to serve for 1 year contact any board trustee so they can get it on the monthly agenda for discussion. 

Reading of the unapproved minutes from the March 5, 2019 meeting were gone over. By a motion of Simon/2nd by Trudo, minutes were approved with one correction. Motion passed. 

Reading of the bills payable for the end of March and current bills for the month of April were gone over. By a motion of Lembke/2nd by Trudo, bills were approved as listed. Motion passed. 

Bills Payable Liquor Account: Wages (March) $3,357.44, Lebanon Bar – Petty Cash 365.21, Krueger’s Food Fair 389.00, Prairie Stop 163.80, Hettinger-Mobridge Candy & Tobacco 799.11, Northwest Beverage Inc. 1,062.75, Republic National Distributing Co. 432.97, Jerome Beverage Inc. 194.75, 

Johnson Bros. of SD 346.35, Dakota Tom’s 123.28, Coca Cola 177.65, Langer’s Family Foods 96.66, Venture Communications 208.92, MDU 177.30, Dept. of Revenue 672.11, Hoven Media Inc. 92.55, Mid Dakota Water 108.25, Reuer Sanitation 64.79.

Bills Payable General Account: SD Unemployment Insurance Division 128.26, C&B Operations LLC 320.94, Dakota Pump & Control 560.00, Dakota Haus 398.71, Maintenance (March) 562.41, Finance Officer-Reimbursement for payment of Dist. 7 Meeting in Mobridge 276.00, 

Finance Officer Wages (March) 319.40, Reuer Sanitation 64.79, Marty’s Repair Service LLC –Finance Office Bathroom Repairs 142.80, Dakota Farm & Ranch Supply 149.06, Schlachter Lumber Inc. 22.89, NAPA 171.34, Hoven Co-Op 28.49, Cummins Sales and Service 2,351.91, SDPAA – 1 year insurance coverage premium 6,675.14, MDU 918.66, Venture Communications 42.40

Bills Payable Sewer Account: MDU – Sewer Lift $179.79.

Bar business: Jan reported that not much has been going on with the end of darts near. Monthly Round Up Supper will be on April 26th at 7:30pm and Inventory will be taken on May 1st at 10am. 

Old business: Cummings submitted a maintenance contract for the generator. It was offered as a 3 year contract with 2 inspections performed a year or a 3 year contract with 1 inspection a year. Contract locks in a service price for the 3 years and is payable only after inspection is completed each year. By a motion of Trudo/2nd by Simon, it was deemed that the finance officer will contact Cummings and have them write up the 3 year contract with 1 maintenance check a year. After new contract is received, finance officer can sign it and mail the original back to Cummings. Motion passed. 

New business: NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENTS OF THE TOWN OF LEBANON. MAY 1ST THROUGH MAY 19TH WILL BE THE ANNUAL TOWN WIDE CLEAN UP.  Town will haul away branches that are piled by edge of road. Time will be extended if the weather turns bad again.  Contact any board trustee to verify dates. 

With there being no further business to discuss, by a motion of Simon/2nd by Trudo, meeting was adjourned at 8:23pm. Next monthly meeting will be on May 6th at 8PM. Please take note of the time change. 


Rachelle Griese

Finance Officer/Town of Lebanon

Published once at the total approximate cost of $41.16


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