Town of Lebanon held regular meeting Dec. 3

Unapproved minutes 

Lebanon Town 

Board meeting 

December 3, 2018

Monthly town board meeting was called to order by President James McRoberts at 7:00pm. Present were board members Kilian, Lembke, McRoberts and Trudo. Absent Simon.  Also present were Steve Smith, Janice Oaks, Hazel McRoberts and Jim Lembke. 

Reading of the unapproved minutes from the November 12, 2018 meeting were gone over and by a motion of Kilian/2nd by Lembke minutes were approved with 1 spelling correction. Motion passed. 

Reading of the bills payable for the end of November and current bills presented for December were discussed. By a motion of Lembke/2nd by Trudo, bills were approved as follows. Motion passed. 

Bills Payable Liquor Account: Bar Wages (November) $3,394.76, Lebanon Bar – Petty Cash 75.07, Krueger’s Food Fair 526.28, Prairie Stop 163.80, Watertown Wholesale 87.02, Langer’s Family Foods 28.70, Pepsi Cola 258.00, Coca Cola 219.83, Dakota Tom’s 143.43, Contraband LLC 260.00, Northwest Beverage Inc. 1,759.90, 

Jerome Beverage Inc. 540.45, Johnson Bros. 330.87, Hettinger-Mobridge Candy & Tobacco 786.05, Republic National Dist. Co. 383.92, Zip Printing 923.00, MDU 224.01, Venture Communications 201.87, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply 24.72, Reuer Sanitation 64.79, SD Dept. of Revenue 559.36.

Bills Payable General Account: Finance Officer Wages (November) $319.40, Reuer Sanitation 64.79, Krueger’s Food Fair-Supplies 50.12, Venture Communications 42.41, MDU 807.03, Ron Simon-Diesel Fuel 228.75, Litigation-Trustee Wages 1,182.08.

Bills Payable Sewer Account: MDU- Sewer Lift $90.96.

Bar Business: Annual Christmas Supper will be held on Dec. 14th and Santa will make his annual appearance on Saturday Dec. 15th at 2pm.  Monthly Round Up will be on Friday Dec. 28th at 7:30pm and the New Year will be brought in in style on Monday Dec. 31st. Inventory will be taken on Wednesday-January 2nd at 10 am. 

Old Business: Generator progress is still moving slowly. Still waiting for Logan Electric to finish up the electrical and then Cummings will be able to put in the timing clock. By a motion of Kilian/2nd by Lembke a decision to temporarily table accepting the estimate for the timing clock for Cummings was agreed upon by all members till Logan completes the job they started. Motion passed. 

New Business: Board members were discussing purchasing gravel for some of the streets in town. A quote and exact location and description will be brought to the table for discussion at the January meeting. 

With there being no further business to discuss, by a motion of Kilian/2nd by Trudo, the meeting was adjourned at 7:58pm. Motion passed. 

Next monthly meeting will be held on Monday – January 7, 2019 at 7pm.


Rachelle Griese

Finanance Officer – Town of Lebanon

Published once at the total approximate cost of $31.10