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Town of Lebanon held regular meeting Jan. 9

Unapproved minutes

Lebanon Town

Board meeting

January 9, 2012

Monthly town board meeting was called to order by President Jim McRoberts at 7:03 PM. Present were board members Kiernan, Kilian and McRoberts. Also present were Steve Smith and Jan Oaks.

Minutes from the December 5, 2011 meeting were read. By a motion of Kiernan, second by Kilian, minutes were approved as read. Motion passed.

Reading of bills payable for the end of December and current bills for the month of January was gone over. By a motion of Kilian, second by Kiernan, bills were approved for payment as follows. Motion passed.

Bills Payable Liquor Account: Janice Oaks (December Wages) $1,182.90, Linda McRoberts (December Wages) 1,145.16, Schwans 22.17, Hageman’s Food Fair 256.42, Northwest Beverage Inc. 1,217.00, Zuber Ref. & Heating Inc. 64.90, Johnson Bros. Famous Brands 332.36, Hettinger Mobridge Candy 678.72,

Servall Uniform & Linen 39.43, Jerome Beverage Inc. 325.60, Dakota Tom’s 109.65, Hoven Media Inc. 18.23, Republic National Distribution Co. 587.34, Potter Co. News 7.50, Reuer Sanitation 57.20, SD Dept. of Revenue & Regulations 334.45, Mid Dakota Water 54.75, MDU 185.27, Venture Communications 38.10.

Bills Payable General Account: SDML WComp Fund $660.00, Rachelle Griese (December Wages) 300.31, Houck Law Office 148.20, Venture Communications 53.80, MDU 572.85, Potter Co. News 117.76, Potter Co. Auditor 35.25, Hoven Co-Op 1,393.00, Post Office 88.00

Bills Payable Sewer Account: MDU (Sewer Lift) $126.77.

Bar Business: Monthly pot luck birthday supper will be held on Friday, Jan. 27 at 7:30PM. Inventory will be taken on Wednesday, February 1 at 5PM. Motion was made by Kilian and second by Kiernan that John Simon will be contacted to give an estimate on repairing the sidewalk in front of the door at the municipal bar. Motion passed.

New Business: Upcoming election and positions open were discussed. If you would like to pick up a petition for election or have any questions on upcoming election, please call the finance officer at 605-765-4591 by February 24, 2012.

2012 Assignments and Wages were discussed. By a motion of Kilian, second by Kiernan, all were accepted as follows. Motion passed.

2012 Assignments:

Board President: James McRoberts

Co-Chairmen: Connie Kiernan/Pat Kilian

Streets and Maintenance: McRoberts

Sewer and Rubble Site: McRoberts

Auditorium and Bar: Kiernan/Kilian

Finance Officer: Rachelle Griese

Official Newspaper: Potter County News, Gettysburg, SD

Official Depository: Plains Commerce Bank, Hoven, SD

Official Legal Advisor: David VonWald, Hoven, SD

2012 Wages:

Board Trustees $20.00 per mtg. present

Finance Officer: $375.00 per mo.

Bar Manager: $1,400.00 per mo with 10 days paid vacation and with 6 paid sick leave days. Sick leave can’t accumulate to more than 12 days.

Full Time Bar Employees: $7.25 per hr. with 5 paid vacation days and with 6 paid sick days after 1 year of working has been completed.

Part Time Bar Employees: $7.25 per hr with 2 paid vacation days after 1 year of working has been completed.

With there being no farther business to discuss, meeting was adjourned at 8:04PM by a motion of Kilian, second by Kiernan. Motion passed. Next monthly meeting will be held on February 6, 2012 at 7PM.


Rachelle Griese Finance Officer/Town of Lebanon

Published once at the total approximate cost of $38.88