Town of Lebanon held regular meeting June 10

Unapproved minutes 

Lebanon Town 

Board meeting 

June 10, 2019 

Monthly town board meeting was called to order by President James McRoberts at 8pm. Present were board members Lembke, McRoberts, Simon, and Trudo. Also present were Janice Oaks, Steve Smith, Hazel McRoberts, Royce Simon, Jim Lembke, and Karen Tennant. 

Karen Tennant was called to the front of the room where she took her oath and became the 5th member of the town board. 

Reading of the unapproved minutes from the May 6, 2019 meeting were gone over. Lembke pointed out that it was left out of the minutes that the board had made a motion to pay the employees that come in for inventory their regular wage since it is their time off. Motion did pass. Simon then made a motion to accept the minutes with the correction/2nd by Trudo, motion passed. 

Reading of the bills payable for the end of May and current bills for the month of June were gone over. By a motion of Simon/2nd by Lembke, bills were approved as listed. Motion passed. 

Bills Payable Liquor Account: Bar Wages (May) $3,107.00, Lebanon Bar-Petty Cash 79.99, Krueger’s Food Fair 302.87, Prairie Stop 163.80, Northwest Beverage Inc. 833.35, Jerome Beverage Inc. 333.20, 

Johnson Bros. of SD 339.70, Republic National Distributors 529.36, Hettinger-Mobridge Candy & Tobacco 718.58, Langer’s Family Foods 11.00, MDU 212.51, Venture Communications 208.88, Mid Dakota Water 51.50, Reuer Sanitation 64.79, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply 37.76, SD Dept of Revenue 375.81. 

Bills Payable General Account: Maintenance (May) $2,182.62, Finance Officer (May) 319.40, Potter Co. News 41.16, Marty’s Repair Service, LLC 203.60, DENR-Sewer Lift Project Loan Payment 2,583.04, Dakota Farm & Ranch Supply 25.47, Tennant Electric 285.71, Premier Equipment, LLC 141.42, Cummins Sales & Service 2,494.90, Dakota Pump 2,774.49, 

Potter Co. Hwy Dept.-Fuel 175.07, SD Governmental Finance Officers Association-Registration Fee 75.00, Ramkota Hotel 208.92, Finance Officer Reimbursement 479.57, SDML Workshop Registration Fee 50.00, Ramkota Hotel 111.00, Finance Officer-Reimbursement 387.76, Venture Communications 42.29, MDU 738.99, Reuer Sanitation 64.79. 

Bills Payable Sewer Account: MDU – Sewer Lift $426.31 

Bar Business: Janice Oaks gave the bar report. June 28th at 7:30pm will be the monthly Round Up supper. Inventory will be taken on Monday, July 1st at 10am. Saturday, July 27th there will be a Bean Bag Tourney with Terry Axsom providing the music for the evening. Call the Bar for more details and signing up for the Bean Bag Tourney. 

New Business: Board discussed the fact that Mid Dakota hasn’t been around to put the meter in at the park yet. The town has been getting requests for being able to stay at the camper sites but with no running water yet it not feasible. By a motion of Simon/2nd by Trudo, Dan will contact someone to come and look at what it would cost to get a submersible pump purchased and placed in the pump house so it could be used until the water meter is put in and also we would have a backup system for water at the park. Motion passed. 

Dan Trudo presented a quote from JD Long of the Potter Co Hwy Dept for putting a 2′ layer of gravel on two streets in town. A quote of purchasing the gravel which would cover hauling, and laying was provided for $6,870.00. By a motion of Trudo/2nd by Lembke, it was agreed upon for Dan to contact JD and let him know that the town accepts the quote. Motion passed. 

Open Discussion: Pat Lembke then talked with the board and residents about the possible dismantling of the Lady’s Legion Auxiliary. If it is decided to do so they requested that the board take over the placing of the flags at the cemetery. Buy a motion of Lembke/2nd by Simon, board has agreed to take care of the flags when and if the time comes. Motion passed. 

With there being no further business to discuss, by a motion of Trudo/2nd by Simon, meeting was adjourned at 10:03pm. Motion passed. Next monthly meeting will be held on July 8, 2019 at 8pm. Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July. 


Rachelle Griese 

Finance Officer Town of Lebanon 

Published once at the total approximate cost of $44.40


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